VCR cafe at Jalan Galloway

It was this random Sunday where I had hangover and slept till 2.30pm. Woke up don't feel like eat anything and just wanna something to warm my tummy. Browse through the net and found this interesting cafe name VCR. Get myself dressed up and went out to explore how VCR is VCR. LOL. Pardon my craziness. 

A very mysterious black finishing building at the corner lot. 

So VCR said it has Coffee & Cakes Here & Now. So I follow the arrow and walked in!

Okay, the main point here is definitely not the angmoh there k. I just basically wanna show the interior design and seating arrangements of VCR cafe. Yes, I swear, thou he is quite cute. 

The coffee bar, cake corner and cashier. All in one counter.

It was fully occupied and left this pity seat under the staircase, which can basically fit 2 persons. So I took this photo from my seating angle. And yes, I was alone but not lonely. Still blur from my headache to feel what lonely is.

VCR cafe is a 2 storey cafe. I went to upstairs just to snapped few photos. I guess some private event going on at that corner. Saw some clothes hanging there. Not sure is it bazaar kinda thing but people sat there kinda guard the place and I don't dare to walk near. :( 

Very nice outdoor balcony. I love such design as I think it will be great to drink coffee under the stars (if there is any) yet not those mamak type of open air place. Hello,  this is on the first floor, not on the ground. Definitely different type of outdoor feel.  

My Hot Cafe Latte. I would say this might not be the best cafe latter I had, but it's still fine. But if you are truly coffee lover who seek perfections in coffee drink, then here might not suitable for you.

But if you are just a dessert lover, then you should come and try The King Cake out. Made of banana cakes, and in between has chocolate and real bananas, cover with Peanut Butter frosting at the outer layer. This is definitely something new and you can never find at other cafes. It does taste fresh for the first few mouth but I will suggest you to share this with friends because you can get a little greasy after consume too much, like I did.

2, Jalan Galloway, 50150 Kuala Lumpur. (Behind Swiss Garden, near Pudu police station) 
03 - 2110 2330

Instagram: @princessmiharu


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