Pamper session at HARU Nails

I have been visiting HARU Nails & Eyelash Salon since 2013. Thanks to Vonney, my primary school mate for recommended this nail salon to me and it was really a great time being your guinea pig and I love all the designs that you did. :)  

HARU is a Japanese nail salon which they used Bella Forma Japan for their gel nail services. Bella Forma Japan is quite a renowned brand in Japan, famous for its superb quality and gentle to nails. Besides that, you will see the difference between local and Japan gel nail services. Japan gel nail services tend to be more gentle which they don't buffer too much on the surface of your nails to allow the gel to stay and 'cling' on your nails. Besides make sure you go back with very nice gel nail, HARU makes sure your nails are being taken care of and minimize the harm of buffering and chemical. This is why I fall in love with HARU gel nails even thou they are a bit pricey. 

The main entrance. (Photos from HARU

The interior is a very clean white setting. (Photos from HARU)

There were no photos of the process of gel manicure as both of my hands were being taken care of by the two passionate manicurists. 

 My gel pedicure - Applying the color.

Using the LED light to dry the gel.

 Time to decorate my toe nails.

Last step is to dry the top coat with UV light.

 Tada!!! My gel finger nails! A reverse French manicure using champagne color as the base and decorate with silver/gold line and rhinestones. According to the Japanese manicurist, this color that I have chosen is the most genki color in Japan now. I do have quite a good fashion sense I guess. LOL. 

My gel toe nails!!!To have a little Chinese New Year feel, I have chosen this red color base. To have something catchy, I have them decorated with Turkey blue rhinestones and also white silver rhinestones. The manicurists said luckily my toe nails are wide enough to be decorated that way, else it wouldn't be nice. :) 

I am truly satisfied and happy with my 2014 Chinese New Year gel nails. What say you? Get yourself one and experience the differences of how Japan gel nail services can offer you! Remember to make your appointment before hand to avoid disappointment!

By the way, if you would love to explore Japan gel nail, feel free to enrol yourself in their course too. Be it for career purpose or for fun, is definitely something beneficial and good to know about. After all, nails are part of our body that allow us to outshine too. :) 

HARU Nail & Eyelash Salon/Academy
D3-G4-3, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 KL.
03-6206 5168
Instagram: @ HARU_NAIL

Instagram: @princessmiharu


  1. Hi, sorry i saw your comment so late. But I hope skinnymint has benefited you as much as it did me :)

    1. Hi Chloe, unfortunately, Skinnymint does not benefited me much. i ain't losing any weights. At the end it just more like a normal tea for me. :(


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