Bonjour Garden Bakery at Intermark KL

I never thought that Intermark KL got so much to offer in its LC level. I've been having this perception that Intermark KL only offers expensive and fine dining; till my ex-colleague, Pey and Xiao Xiao suggested we had brunch together at Bonjour Garden Bakery. 

Located next to the escalator, LC floor.

Xiao Xiao & Sara both ordered the Hot Chocolate. Looks good and they said tasted good too.

Pey's omelette with croissant. I didn't get to taste it so can't really give you my comment on this.

Xiao Xiao's mushroom salad. I tasted it and is just nice, as my expectation. 

Xiao Xiao's broccoli soup. Personally I don't enjoy broccoli so yeah, this soup doesn't really suits my taste. However, aside from my preference, this soup actually tasted quite nice, smooth and full with broccoli freshness.

Sara's Benedict eggs. Didn't get to try too but it looked really scrumptious.

My English Breakfast Tea. Was expecting a tea pot but is not. Well doesn't much affect the taste but it affects the feeling of me having my breakfast served with a nice pot of tea. Just would like to see a tea pot. Case closed.

# 8
Here comes my all-in-one breakfast. Poached eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, bacons, sausages and tomato. Very scrumptious brunch! I am contented!!! :) 

After breakfast and chit chat for hours, we went for dessert. Strongly recommend the Chocolate Galaxy!! Super smooth and moist chocolate melted in your mouth! Just can't get enough of this!!  ^_^

It was a great afternoon spent with my girls there. Can you imagine we sat there from 1pm to 6pm? LOL. Yes, too much to talk about. From work to relationship, from baby to fitness, basically we covered almost every topics in that 5 hours. But still, I think we should hang out more often, I am sure we will have more topics to talk about! I hope next time Sookie,Gigi & Jia Jia can join us too!!! It will be a greater fun!!

Take care all and looking forward to 1st march! *wink*

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