All about Scorpio at That Latte Place

I guess this was the first time three of us hang out together. Reiko & Freda are friends who I knew when I worked as a freelance girl last time. Thou we knew each other, but we never hang out together before. So this Sunday marked our first time of threesome! LOL. 

Being a food lover, I suggested we go for breakfast at That Latte Place. If you haven't know this place, read my first time visit here:

 Our breakfast. Scrumptious leh??

 Freda & me. Sugar, I think you really getting prettier la~ Told you girls who are in love are prettier de lo! Ish!

 Reiko & me. Please comb your hair in sleek back style next time! Super stylish lo you!!! 

Threesome group! Haha! 

Here's come our OOTD!

PrinCess of the Day:
Floral jumpsuit, Topshop. Nude kitten heels, Vincci. Belt, unknown. 

On Freda

On Reiko
Ini Reiko sengaja (purposely) wanna be different pattern with us! Ish! LOL!XD

The Sunday morning was a good laugh on Scorpio stories! Reiko, thank you for feel me and glad that I am not alone!!! LOL! We both know how beh tahan we can be when deal with Scorpio. But no choice lo, who asked me is Pisces who 100% match with Scorpio meh... You this Gemini still can choose la! Hahaha! And Freda, enjoy your Aquarius la huh! But bear in mind, got a bit kepala angin geh! hahahha!

Girls, thanks for brighten up my Sunday morning! It was a great day and I already miss you two! Next hang out bila??? Don't make me wait la eh!!!

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