Aku Cafe & Gallery

First post in 2014 is actually about a cafe that I visited on the last day of year 2013. Since the minion boyfie has no plan at all on the new year eve, I suggested we go to this interesting cafe that I found online.

Before I went, I actually asked minion boyfie to call the cafe first, just in case they are close on new year eve. So glad that they were operating as usual. :)

Can you spot the duckling busy swimming inside the jar? 

Very artistic interior design with wooden tables and chairs.

Interesting style of serving the water.

 Real fresh flowers on our table.

Loving my new bare back with big ribbon denim. I die die wanna stand here to take photo. Even argue with boyfie that here look nicer, thou he said is weird that I only show my back. Nah, who cares? Eventually people like this photo on my Instagram!! :p 

Okay, this is a nice photo. *a round of applause to boyfie* 

My Hot Coffee Blend. Loving the metal plate and the wooden spoon. :)

Boyfie's Aku Fish Rice. When this was served, my jaw drop a bit. LOL. Never thought the food will be served in such way. Interesting. 


My Aku Pasta. This has very strong onion taste and shrimp. The whole pasta tasted very crunchy. 

Some homemade accessories.

 The book shelf and souvenir cards corner.

The interesting coffee utensils in the bar. 

Oh my Little Wooden Horse! Why can't I sit on you?! :(

Let's get some shower, Piggy! 

Some merchandises for you to purchase as a gift or own use.

The food menu is actually very limited but very special that you wouldn't find in other cafes, I supposed. Aku Cafe & Gallery is more toward coffee and cakes. I was too full to try out their cakes. Should do it next time. The atmosphere wise, is definitely a good place for an afternoon tea session with friends, or even alone. 

Okay, last but not least, here you go! The crazy introduction of this restaurant! :D

Aku Cafe & Gallery
No. 8, 1st Floor, Jalan Panggong,
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 - 2857 6887

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