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Pamper session at HARU Nails

I have been visiting HARU Nails & Eyelash Salon since 2013. Thanks to Vonney, my primary school mate for recommended this nail salon to me and it was really a great time being your guinea pig and I love all the designs that you did. :)   HARU is a Japanese nail salon which they used Bella Forma Japan for their gel nail services. Bella Forma Japan is quite a renowned brand in Japan, famous for its superb quality and gentle to nails. Besides that, you will see the difference between local and Japan gel nail services. Japan gel nail services tend to be more gentle which they don't buffer too much on the surface of your nails to allow the gel to stay and 'cling' on your nails. Besides make sure you go back with very nice gel nail, HARU makes sure your nails are being taken care of and minimize the harm of buffering and chemical. This is why I fall in love with HARU gel nails even thou they are a bit pricey.  #1 The main entrance. (Photos from HARU )  #2

VCR cafe at Jalan Galloway

It was this random Sunday where I had hangover and slept till 2.30pm. Woke up don't feel like eat anything and just wanna something to warm my tummy. Browse through the net and found this interesting cafe name VCR. Get myself dressed up and went out to explore how VCR is VCR. LOL. Pardon my craziness.  #1 A very mysterious black finishing building at the corner lot.  #2 So VCR said it has Coffee & Cakes Here & Now. So I follow the arrow and walked in! #3 Okay, the main point here is definitely not the angmoh there k. I just basically wanna show the interior design and seating arrangements of VCR cafe. Yes, I swear, thou he is quite cute.  #4 The coffee bar, cake corner and cashier. All in one counter. #5 It was fully occupied and left this pity seat under the staircase, which can basically fit 2 persons. So I took this photo from my seating angle. And yes, I was alone but not lonely. Still blur from my headache to feel what lonely is.

Ban Lee Hin 40th Anniversary Gala Dinner & Soju Sunway

This year marks Ban Lee Hin 40th anniversary in its industry. I was being invited to their gala dinner, together with darling Gigi at Sunway Resort Grand Ballroom. #1 Very cute cake that let you know what Ban Lee Hin is specialize in. Guess whoever see this will knows their business nature.  #2 Together with Dato Tony - boss of Ban Lee Hin, Miss Selangor Tourism 2013, Miss Ban Lee Hin 2013, Benjamin, and darling Gigi. #3 With Benjamin & darling Gigi. #4 My darling. :) The dinner commenced quite late at 9pm. Before that, a series of presentation were made so that guests understand what Ban Lee Hin is doing and how they survived and sustained over the past 40 years. In addition, there were few dancing performances done by the staffs and lion dance. Last but not least, award presentation to the outstanding and awesome staffs.  Congratulations Ban Lee Hin and I wish you all the best to continue to be the pioneer in this industry!  After the dinner, I

Bonjour Garden Bakery at Intermark KL

I never thought that Intermark KL got so much to offer in its LC level. I've been having this perception that Intermark KL only offers expensive and fine dining; till my ex-colleague, Pey and Xiao Xiao suggested we had brunch together at Bonjour Garden Bakery.  #1 Located next to the escalator, LC floor. #2 Xiao Xiao & Sara both ordered the Hot Chocolate. Looks good and they said tasted good too. #3 Pey's omelette with croissant. I didn't get to taste it so can't really give you my comment on this. #4 Xiao Xiao's mushroom salad. I tasted it and is just nice, as my expectation.  #5 Xiao Xiao's broccoli soup. Personally I don't enjoy broccoli so yeah, this soup doesn't really suits my taste. However, aside from my preference, this soup actually tasted quite nice, smooth and full with broccoli freshness. #6 Sara's Benedict eggs. Didn't get to try too but it looked really scrumptious. #7 My E

All about Scorpio at That Latte Place

I guess this was the first time three of us hang out together. Reiko & Freda are friends who I knew when I worked as a freelance girl last time. Thou we knew each other, but we never hang out together before. So this Sunday marked our first time of threesome! LOL.  Being a food lover, I suggested we go for breakfast at That Latte Place. If you haven't know this place, read my first time visit here: #1  Our breakfast. Scrumptious leh?? #2  Freda & me. Sugar, I think you really getting prettier la~ Told you girls who are in love are prettier de lo! Ish! #3  Reiko & me. Please comb your hair in sleek back style next time! Super stylish lo you!!!  #4 Threesome group! Haha!  Here's come our OOTD! PrinCess of the Day : Floral jumpsuit, Topshop . Nude kitten heels, Vincci . Belt, unknown.  On Freda On Reiko Ini Reiko sengaja (purposely) wanna be different

Bankers Room

The Bankers Room which is a multi-concept 8,000 square feet entertainment outlet consisting of a dining area and a lounge. The Bankers Room is located in the Conlay Club which is at the intersection of Jalan Kia Peng and Jalan Eaton, and away from the jam of Jalan P. Ramlee or Bukit Bintang. The complex itself has its own private car park so parking is not an issue. The name “Bankers Room” is in reference to the outlet being located within the financial and business district of Kuala Lumpur. The concept of the Bankers Room is to provide a comfortable and refined place for the discerning  clientèle  to indulge in elegant food, relax with their favourite single malt whisky, entertain their clients, or party with their friends. The lounge section of the Bankers Room is equipped with comfortable sofas and featuring a stage with a long runway that is purpose-built to host fashion events. In-house deejays spin from  11.00pm  onwards, spinning commercial dance music while there w