Flashback of my 2013

As I getting older grown, I realize time just doesn't wait for us. Each year I felt like time flies faster and quicker, compare to previous years. I can't believe I am 25 years old and going to turn 26 years old soon. Oh man, I can feel 30's is waving its hand to me. wtf. =.="

Anyway, this year 2013, in my mid 20's, there were tremendous changes. Let's start for some flashbacks of 2013.

I have officially ended my first job in D'Touch International Sdn Bhd on 31st July 2013, which marked a full one year of service there. Thank you Datuk Danny and the team for the opportunities and experiences. Thou there was up and down, but I truly enjoyed working with my lovely colleagues.

Precious moment when we had our company trip on the cruise. 
Then I joined Tropicana Corporation Bhd, a renowned property developer in Malaysia. I have never thought of working in property industry, but sometimes is just difficult to predict, huh? A little being misplaced, I was put under Marketing Support (the right one) & Customer Loyalty (the misplaced one) department. Initially interviewed for the Event division under Marketing support, but eventually on the first day of work, I got surprise by placed me under Customer Loyalty. So well, I thought this is something different and I shall just accept it and give it a try. To be frank, I did learn something while working on Customer Loyalty stuffs, such as CRM, Wiz, etc. But this is just not the thing that I truly enjoy and love to do.

God always has its plan for us. On the last week of December, I was called upon to join the International Marketing division. (Can you see the confetti inside my heart??!) It is such a great opportunity for me to further explore and unleash what is within me. To me, it is a whole new challenge and I think at my age, I should just do it. Opportunity doesn't always come, and I believe opportunity is given to those who are ready. I guess, I am ready.

The EDGE Rat race with colleagues! 
Ended with a 5 years plus relationship, people questioned me why does that happened. I always thought this is just an excuse that people used when breaking up - Because of Understood that Separates. But I truly felt this phrase when I ended this relationship. Anyhow, I wish him all the best and I hope he can find his happiness. I give my blessing to him, sincerely.

Because of the separates, I also have a whole new mindset on love relationship. I wouldn't give up my career just because of love, anymore, at least at this moment. I need a man who will love me and accept me for who I am, what I want and where I will be.

Not sure if he is the one, but we are working out. :) 
It's also because of the separates, I am getting closer with my mom. We talked more and I realized how much I have neglected my mom over the past 5 years plus. I'm sorry, mom. And I know you are the best mom in the world, thou I don't say it in front of your face.

Mom & me, do we look alike? Hehe...
If you know me well, you will know that I love to eat so much, but I just hate exercise!! Most of my friends and people know me as a big eater. Yes, I do enjoy eating but since young, I just have phobia toward exercise, except Dodgeball. LOL.

Finally after 25 years, for the first time ever, on my own willingness, I signed up for Pilates class. I have attended 8 classes and it was great!!! Now I have toned biceps and triceps. I am working on my abs and legs. Hopefully in 2014 you all can see a better me. :)

On my first day of classes, where I was a bit nervous yet looking forward to my first Pilates class. Eventually I fall in love with Pilates after first session! :D 
As usual, I don't do 'fixation' on my fashion styles. I wear dresses, skirts, pants; I wear in elegant, classy, casual, sporty too. I just don't like to be limited in one style. I believe it's fun to try out different styles and you will always surprise the people around you with your fashion styles.

Some of my 2013 styles. You can find out more at my instagram @princessmiharu

Besides that, I have changed my taste toward the nail color I want. Instead of loving the very dark and bright color such as red, purple, and blue; I have gone to light and nude color.

I think I prefer the clean feel that light and nude color brings.

In conclusion, 2013 has been quite good to me, despite tremendous changes that were happened. I think I have grown up so much within this year. I am looking forward to my 2014. :) 

End my post with the latest photo shooting I had. Finally I can be dreamy look too! LOL. Hope you all like it. 
Let's say Thank You and Goodbye to 2013; Welcome and Hello to 2014. 

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