LOKL Coffee Co

It was a public holiday on Tuesday again! Another great day and date trying out new food! :)

The act cute fellow. Ish, I am forced to censor his mouth. Cuteness is only meant for me. 

The normal handsome fellow this time.

Today's choice - LOKL Coffee Co.

A big logo on top of the counter and dessert bar.

Outdoor seating, which is the backyard of the hotel next door. 



I especially love this piece. 

Sewing time? 

Boyfie's Iced Latte.

My Hot Latte. This time I had it without add in any sugar.

Pulled Messy Beef Burger with Extra Cheese. Looking great, served with cucumber and tomato salad, but in sweet sauce. Eventually I finished up the salad, not a big deal to others, but FYI, i don't eat salad. So you know how delicious was the salad. 

This is a little bit too salty for me, but boyfie said it tasted perfectly. I have to admit that the beef is very tender but not juicy la. Worth to try. 

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Brownies with Gelato Ice Cream on top. This is crazily, amazingly yummy!!! Gosh, it melted in your mouth! Trust me, it does!!! A slice is definitely too little!! 

Rose Panna Cotta. I love panna cotta yet I have never try a rose flavor before. At the first mouth, you feel weird because the rose is so strong. But after that the aroma leave within your mouth and you started to accept the flavor and admire its aroma. 

Ignore the 4 plastic bags please. I don't know who on earth arrange at there. 

30, Jalan Tun HS Lee
50000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 2072 1188

Thank you boyfie for getting me the Hello Kitty 2014 organizer from Kinokuniya KLCC! Loving this to the max!!! 

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