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LOKL Coffee Co

It was a public holiday on Tuesday again! Another great day and date trying out new food! :) #1 The act cute fellow. Ish, I am forced to censor his mouth. Cuteness is only meant for me.  #2 The normal handsome fellow this time. #3 Today's choice - LOKL Coffee Co. #4 A big logo on top of the counter and dessert bar. #5 Outdoor seating, which is the backyard of the hotel next door.  #6 #7 #8 I especially love this piece.  #9 Sewing time?  #10 Boyfie's Iced Latte. #11 My Hot Latte. This time I had it without add in any sugar. #12 Pulled Messy Beef Burger with Extra Cheese . Looking great, served with cucumber and tomato salad, but in sweet sauce. Eventually I finished up the salad, not a big deal to others, but FYI, i don't eat salad. So you know how delicious was the salad.  #13 This is a little bit too salty for me, but boyfie said it tasted perfectly. I have to admit that the bee

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique and Little Wonton

Recently it seems like my lifestyle blog has became like a mini food blog. I've been trying out all different food, you can have a look at other food-related posts at here: It is always good to have companion when you hunt for good food. This time, I went to TWG Tea Salon & Boutique with Freda, on a beautiful Sunday for hi-tea catch up. #1 We have ordered the 1837 Tea Time Set , which consists of TWG Tea* from the extensive tea list, served hot or iced; choice of two freshly baked muffins or scones served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream or one patisserie from the trolley.  #2 My Darjeeling tea.  #3 #4 The muffin is so fluffy and the scones tasted crispy at outside and soft inside!  #5 I love eating the Tea jelly by its own without the whipped cream. The whipped cream is a little too milky for me.  Overall the atmosphere and tea setting were fine. But maybe not so privacy as you c

Pietro Ristorante Italiano, Damansara Heights

It was quite a last minute arrangement when Timmy boss asked me to join him for the food review. Since I was free and also always reaching out for good food (so that I can always bring my besties and boyfie for some good food!), I decided to join him after work. #1 It was hidden somewhere along the ECM building there. Used to be quite easy to recognize as there were 2 petrol stations out there, but both have been teared down for the construction. So if you are going there, do be very cautious and do not miss out the junction there.  #2 It looks like some sort of matchmaking session coming up soon. LOL. #3 Let's start our gastronomical journey of the night! Photos credit to Andy Kho .  #4 Fegato d’ Oca –  Pan-fried foie-gras served with roasted apple, port wine sauce and micro lettuce on toast. Used to think foie-gras very disgusting but i tell you what, it all depends on how the food preparation was done! This foie-gras is so tasteful and eventually