Voices for Hospices 2013

Our boss, Tan Sri is a very generous and kind person. He had support a good cause by purchasing a table for the charity dinner - Voices for Hospices 2013 that was held last Sunday at JW Marriott Hotel. 

Representatives from our company. Boyfie said me & Marilyn looked like twin towers in this photo coz' others are so petite. Should I take it as a compliment or what? LOL.

The table decorations with fresh cactus and plants that are for sale to raise funds. There was the Fact & Myth labels on the plants, educating the guests about what Hospices really mean. 

Door gift for guest.

Me & Stephanie. I hate to take photo with her la, her face is so V-shape!! :( 

Me, Stephanie and Evelyn. 

There was a mini ceremony where guests are requested to lit up the table candles. It was like 3467578483 years ago since I last used matches! The whole ballroom immediately turned into a warm and dim environment. I kinda like it (because I used that opportunity to fix my fake eyelashes, with Stephanie's help! LOL!).

Our first dish - A Little Lighter, served with Prawns Salad, Grapefruits, Asparagus with Chili and Lime Dressing.

Next we had Straight to the Mouth, which was the Roast Potatoes and Leek Soup with Focaccia Toast. 

The Full Stomach, is made of Chicken Roulade and Seared Crispy Norwegian Salmon, served with Confit Parisienne Potatoes, Mushroom Ragout, Baby Vegetable and Saffron Sauce. I don't really enjoy cooked salmon actually. But the sauce was nice and match perfectly with the salmon. 

Guest of Honor was the wife of Johor Sultan, Tuanku Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris Shah. I personally think she is a great and bubbly woman, and quite humor too when she mentioned about her nephew and asking the floor whether anyone got any job opportunities for her nephew. She is great because she doesn't stop doing what she passionate about even thou she is the wife of Sultan. I admire her efforts in supporting palliative care. 

Stephy Wong, me & Stephanie.

Finally, the Sweet Thing, which is also my favorite - Chocolate Crunchy with Berries Coulis. 

The night was getting merrier with performances by Syafinaz Selamat. She always impressed me with her awesome voices! And thank you for a very interactive moments when you played some mini game with two audiences. It was hilarious! :)


As a psychology graduate, I am quite, not to say sensitive, but feeling a little bit uneasy with hospices. I just can't deal with it coz' I guess I am a little too emotional. I can just shed my tears when I see people in such palliative care, is like waiting for their time. However, after this charity dinner, it strikes my mind that I should do something to give back to the society, or to help others who are in need.  Maybe some volunteering job will be cool? Anyone up to this and would like to join me? I think it will be great when you have someone to support along the way, so I guess getting a companion for such volunteering job will be motivating enough. Is not necessary have to be volunteering for hospice, we can volunteer for others, such as animal centre or orphanage. Anyone interested, feel free to contact me via Facebook ya! Or if you have been volunteering for certain association, do share with me too, so that I can gain more insights and see which volunteering suits me the most! :)

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