Singapore Weekend Getaway

The last time I went to Singapore was like last year September if no mistaken, for Lady Gaga's concert. Just last Tuesday, very spontaneously, Marilyn asked me to join her to Singapore. Despite my very-broke-bank-account, I still joined her to get some fresh air before the very busy October. 

Dang dang! Very naughty Marilyn! Ignore my very tired face as we just landed Singapore at Changi Airport.

Spot the differences of two prawns, Small Head Prawn - Marilyn and Big Head Prawn - Me. FYI, Big Head Prawn means someone who is very forgetful or careless. Why is it she is Small Head Prawn while I am Big Head Prawn? Because she tends to lose small small things, such as sunglasses, MRT ticket, and passports. While me, the only time I being so Big Head Prawn was when I left my luggage at Tourist Information Counter, Changi Airport and just walked away toward Terminal 2 Skytrain. Suddenly I realized my luggage was not with me and I ran all the way back to the Tourist Information Counter, and luckily, my Hello Kitty pink luggage was still there. =.="

Will you still love me, the blur princess? :'(

At the Outram Park station, waiting for Marilyn's friend to pick us up. Saw this barrier to disallow vehicle to go in. This is so much better than those orange color cone la. Malaysia, can think think about this ah? 

Waiting for my food at Imperial Treasure, Takashimaya. 

After lunch, we went to check in at Gallery Hotel. Looking forward to our room as the lobby of the hotel looking good. 

A bit of colors to decorate the plain white settings.

The bathroom is clean and not that small too.


Large cabinet which is quite practical to use. 

Showing off my Birthday Kitty that I bought at Takashimaya. petite and cute!! 

We were too tired and lack of sleep, so we took a nap before we plan for the night out. When we woke up, we went to walk nearby the hotel as there are so many restaurants and bars along the riverside. POINT: We were naked face =.=" fml. 

Very yummy ramen at Ichibantei. In fact, I added in so much chili powder as I found it not spicy enough. I can't live without spicy food. 

Loving my night make up and hairstyle! Sometimes I just feel so happy when I see myself looking pretty. LOL. XD

We are all set and ready to party!! :)

Marilyn's friend brought us to The Library at Keong Saik Street, which was once a gangster-filled red light district, but currently swapped for trendy hotels, cafe and boutiques.

The unique design of the door holder. 

Well, The Library is not literally somewhere with books, nor the one that we have in KL. There will be a reader sitting there and waiting for password from you once you walk in. If you got the correct password, you will be lead into a different world through a secret door. :) 

The Library is actually a secret and mystery place that serves fantastic cocktails. How interesting is that? I totally love there!

These are all specially mixed for us because we want something that is suitable for us. Cocktails being served in all different kinds of glasses and bottles. 

This is like your cough syrup at home right? Haha. 

Courtesy of the owner, we had fantastic cocktails and wonderful time there. Obtain your password from the waiter at Keong Saik Snacks - the restaurant next door, or follow their Facebook page. 

The Library
47, Keong Saik Road, Singapore.

A stranger came up to us and told us it will be nice to take a photo here. So he volunteered himself to take photo for us. Weirdo but thanks for the nice photo. And NO, we can't give you our phone numbers. 

I am loving the building here, so antique and vintage. Thanks Marilyn for the photo!

Next destination - Mink, near Marina Square. 

My first clubbing experience in Singapore was great, due to the non-smoking rule inside the club. I don't need to suffer those smoke choked on my throat and dried my eyes. Except there is a stupid idiot man who came up to us for three times, and even put his hand on my shoulder! I flung his hand away and my Marilyn warned him with her powerful finger, of course not middle finger, is index finger. Owh, I felt so being protected. 

After party, thou this photo is blur, but I think it still looks nice. :) 

I am loving you, my Marilyn babe. Muaks. xoxo

Eventually her friend was hungry, so we went to after-party-supper at Geylang! Wah! My first time there le, so excited!! No, didn't see any hookers. =.="

The oyster egg, I still prefer Muar's version. 

The beef hor fun with black bean sauce. The beef is very tender and this dish is actually a little bit spicy, which is my favorite. But there is a little bitterness, taste like scorched food.

The same cooking style but with fish instead. 

We reached hotel around 4am something. Tired but happy.

Beautiful Sunday which I am so happy to dress up myself, curled my hair lagi. 

Bought this Hello Kitty plaster at 7-Eleven coz my foot hurt by my new pair of flats.

So cute that I don't mind stick on my face. :p

Went to breakfast with Ben at hawker centre as I would like to try out the local delicacies. While waiting for him, he let me played with his newly bought camera.

Such a petite size huh!!! 

I had fun playing with this cutie gadget! You really got to explore this, but do not expect too many effects or functions in such mini size la. You can still have Fisheye, Monochrome, Miniature, and Toy effect thou. The most unique part is at the shutter button, hmm, should I call it a button? No, you better explore yourself. Haha. 

The Singapore chicken rice that looked so good! The ginger with spring onion is nice, chicken is juicy and soft, and the chili is good too! 

Some nourishing drink that the coffee shop lady boss made for me. I tasted honey and it looked like a good beauty drink. Ben also go get a cup after tasted mine. LOL. You also want be beautiful meh? :p

In Ben's car while waiting for him to come out from bank. Camwhore bit first. 
p/s: Thank you for sponsoring the background for my photo. LOL.

Marilyn and me at ION Orchard. She is such a sexy babe. :) 

Do you love my crop top from Bershka? Is kinda tribe look.  

At the alley between Regent Hotel and this row of mysterious shops. 

Guess what is this place for? 

COHIBA is a cigar house for VIP members, consider a private property. 

I was a little hungry hence we asked the waitress to buy us some pastries from Regent Hotel. 

Thank you Marilyn babe for this photo. I like it so much.

Cute cuppa with wings bear, sitting behind is my lovely babe; sitting in front is the fire gun for cigar.  

The weekend getaway passed so fast! It's time to get back to work and earn more so that I can have another getaway soon! Bye Singapore, till we meet again!

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