Minion Boyfie's 25th Birthday

October 25th was Minion Boyfie's birthday. Knowing that he hasn't been really celebrating his birthday past years, I decided to gave him a proper birthday celebration. After weeks of efforts in searching for good Italian restaurant (he said he wanna have some pizza), finally I decided to bring him to Strato, Troika Sky Dining's Italian Restaurant. 

A very 'insecure' spiral staircase. Maybe next time I should wear a longer dress, I am sure those sitting at Claret, the wine bar have saw what I wore inside. =.=" 

An open style kitchen. This is very tricky as the restaurant has to make sure the smoke and smell won't spread all over the restaurant and left the patrons with very smelly hair and clothes. I think Strato done it quite well then.

The birthday boy. 

Boyfie's champagne.

My red wine.

Potato Gnocchi with braised chicken ragu and shave cured foie gras. This is a very interesting pasta that you should really try it out. The foie gras just melted into the pasta and mixed well, mama mia!!!! 

Italian sausage, tomato sauce, spinach, sweet-sour capsicum and onion to complete Boyfie's craving for pizza. Well, pizza is not really my dish. But I think this Minion loves it.  

Surprised Boyfie with the Banana and Coffee Tiramisu that has his name and candle light on it, together with the waitresses sang a birthday song for him. Happy birthday to you! Hope you enjoy the celebration! 

The sit and drink like a boss version at Claret after we done with our meal.

The stand like a boss version at the balcony. 

Personally I enjoy the food and atmosphere there. You can enjoy your Strato (Italian cuisine), Cantaloupe (French Cuisine) and Claret (wine bar) in one space at Troika Sky Dining on your special occasion, without having the hassle to think about the have-it-all place. 

Oh, and I haven't get to know whether this Minion enjoy and happy with the celebration or not. 

Troika Sky Dining
23A Tower B, The Troika, Persiaran KLCC, KL

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