Acme Bar & Coffee

Finally we got to dating!!!  Due to very different job scope and industry, me and my minion boyfie (LOL) have very different rest days and don't get to see each other often. Thanks to the public holiday that falls nicely on his rest day, we got to go out and stay together for 24 hours! Finally get to see the sunlight! :p 

Nah, my minion boyfie (in case you haven't see on my Facebook).

Look at my handsome good looking boyfie. (Can't let him see this else he will fly~)

It's always a headache when comes to, 'What to eat later?', especially with my boyfie. And so I have a list of restaurants and cafes that I would really love to try out with him. Today we went to Acme Bar & Coffee for our holiday brunch.

The reception area.



There is also outdoor seating (behind boyfie) where I found many foreigners enjoy the sunlight out there. Nope, I will melt under the sun. So I better sit indoor and enjoy the sunlight through the big glass window. 

Scrutinizing the menu to get the best dish out of the long menu.

Boyfie's serious face when trying to take the best angle of me. Well, do you really need to be such depress when taking photo of me?! 

And so here's me, from his best angle view. 

Okay, I love my fingers in this photo, look so slim and long. 


& You.

Boyfie's Iced Latte.

My Hot English Breakfast.

Boyfie's Grilled Jumbo Hot Dog. The bun is very soft and tasted just nice with the chicken sausage plus the sauces, despite the fact that I don't love mustard. 

My Rigatoni Puttanesca. I am loving this because the tomato sauce is not too sweet nor sour, and the smokey turkey is perfect match for the pasta. 

Love how they displayed their cakes at the bar there.

Our dessert - Light-As-Air-Pavlova, recommended by the waiter there, is very special taste with fresh strawberries and passion fruit sauce. But you feel a little greasy after a while because of the whipped cream. 

Oat and Granola Ice Cream with Peach on top. This ice cream is very creamy yet fresh with oat flavor. Boyfie not really into this as he found it very weird. But I found it okay and acceptable. Yeah, and I finished it up. Ish, bigger tummy on its way. 

Overall the food was fine. I love the interior design and how the sunlight created the natural lighting in indoor. Perfect for photo taking, provided if you go in the day time and sit at the big glass window side. One point I would like to highlight will be the services. The serving time is a little out as my hot English Breakfast was only delivered to me after I asked for three times (two different waitresses and finally the Person-in-Charge) and that was when I finished up my main course. My tea became the after-meal-tea-time-drink. The waiters and waitresses there should be more attentive, I would say. 

Anyhow, I had a great time with boyfie, looking at the Caucasian babies, enjoying the good food and treasure our moment of staying together.


Acme Bar & Coffee
Address: Unit G1 The Troika, 19, Persiaran KLCC, 50450 KL. 
Contact: 03- 21622288

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