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That Latte Place

After gaining so much pounds, I am still a glutton cat that always reaching out for cafes and restaurants to try out something new. In fact I have a list of the cafes and restaurants that I wanted to try out! Haha! That Latte Place is definitely one of the top few among my list. Two weeks ago I came but it was closed. I am determined (LOL) to come again.  #1 The counter for food order. #2  #3 Very natural environment with some balloons deco. The balloons look like Halloween decoration to me, I wonder my guess is right. Haha. #4 My Hot Latte.   #5 Boyfie's Iced Latte.  #6 Boyfie's Hearty Breakfast . The sausages tasted great, I guess is home-made by That Latte Place. I was thinking to buy the sausages home and cook myself. LOL.   #7 My House Egg Ben Double ! I love this so much! So delicious and it could be the most interesting breakfast I have ever taken. Anyone can tell me how can I make such eggs?   #8 Very much reco

Minion Boyfie's 25th Birthday

October 25th was Minion Boyfie's birthday. Knowing that he hasn't been really celebrating his birthday past years, I decided to gave him a proper birthday celebration. After weeks of efforts in searching for good Italian restaurant (he said he wanna have some pizza), finally I decided to bring him to Strato, Troika Sky Dining's Italian Restaurant.  #1 A very 'insecure' spiral staircase. Maybe next time I should wear a longer dress, I am sure those sitting at Claret, the wine bar have saw what I wore inside. =.="  #2 An open style kitchen. This is very tricky as the restaurant has to make sure the smoke and smell won't spread all over the restaurant and left the patrons with very smelly hair and clothes. I think Strato done it quite well then. #3  The birthday boy.  #4 Boyfie's champagne. #5 My red wine. #6 Potato Gnocchi with braised chicken ragu and shave cured foie gras . This is a very interesting pasta th

Hennessy Artistry HALO 2013 IS COMING SOON!!

Hennessy Artistry HALO 2013 is coming soon on    2 November 2013 from 7.00pm to 1.00am at  Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) in Mines Resort City! I remembered few years back I was one of the brand ambassador for Hennessy Artistry (when I was young!!)  I was so slim!  Anyway, I always hope to join this, which is the most anticipating clubbing event in KL, because we will ha ve  a solid line up of artists from East and West! This year performing artists included:  NS-Yoon G .   Regarded as a one of Korea’s most sought after solo female acts, NS Yoon-G has worked with top acts like Jay Park on her hit single “If You Love Me”.   Neon Hi tch -  British song bird and vocal powerhouse, famous for her Billboard chart topper “Love U Betta”, and her collaboration with Gym Class Heroes on “A** Back Home”.   Dmitry KO -  progressive house guru, famous for his collaboration with Starkillers on “Odessa”.   Jochen Miller -

Voices for Hospices 2013

Our boss, Tan Sri is a very generous and kind person. He had support a good cause by purchasing a table for the charity dinner - Voices for Hospices 2013 that was held last Sunday at JW Marriott Hotel.  #1 Representatives from our company. Boyfie said me & Marilyn looked like twin towers in this photo coz' others are so petite. Should I take it as a compliment or what? LOL. #2 The table decorations with fresh cactus and plants that are for sale to raise funds. There was the Fact & Myth labels on the plants, educating the guests about what Hospices really mean.  #3 Door gift for guest. #4 Me & Stephanie. I hate to take photo with her la, her face is so V-shape!! :(  #5 Me, Stephanie and Evelyn.  #6 There was a mini ceremony where guests are requested to lit up the table candles. It was like 3467578483 years ago since I last used matches! The whole ballroom immediately turned into a warm and dim environment. I kinda like it (be

Acme Bar & Coffee

Finally we got to dating!!!   Due to very different job scope and industry, me and my minion boyfie (LOL) have very different rest days and don't get to see each other often. Thanks to the public holiday that falls nicely on his rest day, we got to go out and stay together for 24 hours! Finally get to see the sunlight! :p  #1 Nah, my minion boyfie (in case you haven't see on my Facebook). #2 Look at my handsome good looking boyfie. (Can't let him see this else he will fly~) It's always a headache when comes to, 'What to eat later?', especially with my boyfie. And so I have a list of restaurants and cafes that I would really love to try out with him. Today we went to Acme Bar & Coffee for our holiday brunch. #3 The reception area. #4 #5 #6 There is also outdoor seating (behind boyfie) where I found many foreigners enjoy the sunlight out there. Nope, I will melt under the sun. So I better sit indoor and enjoy the