Wonder girls go +Wondermilk

Remember I went to Publika with my baobei Liyin? I was actually wanted to go to +Wondermilk but ended up went to The Bee. Since I needed to go to Publika to remove my gel nail color, so I date my baobei Liyin again, and die die wanna go to +Wondermilk. *I DON'T CARE face*

Yeah! Happy me for finally sitting down at +Wondermilk to satisfy my cupcake craving!! Lalalalala~

Yes, your first questions is how come my cupcakes not colorful ma. I know colorful cupcakes is like the ultimate reason why we fall in love with cupcakes because they look sweet and attractive. But too bad, as someone who is not 外貌协会 (Society of Outlook Appearance), I chosen the Content, instead of the Outlook. So I chosen what I like in term of flavors. Oh yeah, I love the Chocolate Mint (on the left bottom), try it out next time if you go +Wondermilk. 

Liyin's spaghetti, the beef bacon with cheese complement the whole dishes. I like it. Eventually I was the DBKL to cleared up the spaghetti. =.=" A message to Liyin: If I really gain weight, I don't care, you have to take the full responsibility. Either buy me slimming pill, slimming tea, slimming gel or whatsoever, you have to help me slim down la!!!

We are the Wonder girls! 

 Moral of the photo: People always think me & Liyin look very similar, so we try to discover our similarity. So yeah, I guess is our eye bags that make ppl thought we look similar, what say you?

PrinCess of the Day:
Turquoise oversized sleeveless top, Banana Creation
Denim shorts, Refuge (Brand from Australia).
Pink sling bag, Braun Buffel
Ballet flats, Emax.  

Seriously i think my top matched perfectly with +Wondermilk entrance. LOL. I am not purposely one ah! Is purely coincidence! 

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