MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2013

 MTVWorld Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 had rock the stage at Sunway Surf Beach last Sunday!!!

Courtesy of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers & MTV Asia, I got a pair of EXPRESS regular tickets. Guess who I brought along?  

Deng deng! My darling Gigi!!!

Due to the rainy day, we were given a poncho and also a paper fan.

 Darling & me...

Darling, sorry but i have to put your stupid face here, for laughing purpose! LOL. :p

Okay la, to be fair, I put up mine too. =.="

Don't know why every time I become so stupid when hang out with you. Can't avoid stupid face. Ish!

I guess this is why we can become darlings, coz sama-sama stupid. XD

 I just can't stand the poncho keep stick on my head! so I used the paper fan to put against it. And yeah, darling said I look stupid, and wanna snap a photo of me. 

Let the music party starts!!! 

First one to rock the stage was Joe Flizzow, our locally produced artist which I found his songs *thumbs up* and can definitely standing on the stage together with the other international artists. That night he has performed five songs, included Iller Iller, Untukmu, All Around My World, Havoc and Who Do It Better. 

A collaboration with SonaOne and Altimet on Havoc.

Coming up next is most of the young ladies' dream boys band from Korea - EXO. I can see EXO fans queue up as early as possible to meet EXO, and they can even dance in EXO moves when the MTV crew went to interview the fans while waiting for the gate to be open. Really hardcore EXO fans!!!

The main points that EXO impressed the crowds is definitly their dance!! It's not easy to have so many members yet able to dance so well. They have sang Wolf, History, 365 and Growl for the fans.

One of my favorite, which also attracted me to this MTV World Stage is definitely Far East Movement!!! The very fun four-member band has performed a series of songs, included Ain’t Coming Down X Wild Things, Like a G6, Illest, So What, If I was You, Jello, Change Your Life, Rocket, Get Up (Rattle), Rocketeer and Live My Life. Fans sang along with Rocketeer, which they remixed with Alicia Keys’ No One. far East Movement brings the crowd to the climax when they performed Turn Up the Love.

Please remember this pose and scroll down......


Finally, Robin Thicke, showing his sexy butt here, performed as the final artist here in the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013.

 Hahahaha! The same pose! Maybe this is those kind of signature pose that can pull the fans attention! :p 

Together with three female vocalists, Robin Thicke performed nine songs, included Give It 2 U, Take It Easy on Me, Feel Good, Oh Shooter, Lost Without U, Shaking It For Daddy and Blurred Lines.

See the 15,000 fans at Sunwat Surf Beach despite the rainy weather!


MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2013’s full show premiere on Saturday, 21st September 2013 @ 10.30am (TH/WIB), 11.30am (SIN/HK/PH), 12.30pm (MAL). For more information, please visit

Last but not least, some footage on that night. Enjoy! :)

p/s: All photos and videos otherwise watermark are credit to MTV Asia.

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