Freda's 25th birthday party!!

Freda, my sugar. We met when we were working together as grid girl at Sepang International Circuit few years back. Sometime is about fate. We met so many people in our life, but some people just make you crazy and have fun, and yeah, be your true self. We are that kind of friends. :D

My retarded face because Freda was introducing me to her friends, and she mentioned that I was the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 runner up, and so, yeah, that face came out.  I am still not so used to people introduce me like that. I-dunno-how-on-earth-I-got-that-title. 

On the left, wearing black singlet is Liyin, my baobei. I met her when we were working as Santarina for Skybar, also few years back. Then I introduced both of them during one of the blogger events that I attended, and so three of us became sisters!! Please pardon all my stupid retarded candid photos! *stare at the photographer =.=" *

Hooray!! Instax mini with Freda! Xoxo, BB (Two of them call me BB)

You looked great, Sugar. :)

While Freda busy taking photos, I busy 'labeled' my balloon! LOL. XD

Aloha! Meet me & my balloon! :)

Here come our dinner of the night!

Salad, which I don't eat at all! FYI, I don't eat raw vegetables, but feel free to call me for Sashimi. :p 

Potato wedges. 

Signature chicken. I seldom eat chicken, but this chicken is very juicy, quite nice. 

Seafood aglio olio. My all time favorite but I wish it can be more spicy! 

Last but not least, fruits for digestion after the meal. The starfruit so star!!! LOL. You know what I meant? Is like usually we I don't see such a star shape starfruit, but this made me very happy! So I ate while made a wish, you know why? Because make a wish upon a star! LOL! Ignore me please. :p 

Me & Liyin snapped the fruits happily as if we never see fruits before. =.="

The dress code was actually all-black with big spec and animal ears. So I brought along my Kitty spec! 

Do I looked meow? Die die want the balloon with my name as background!

Sisters forever! <3

After the scrumptious meal, Freda asked us to have fun at upstairs when we walked around to visit this place.

Upstairs is a completely different heavenly feeling! Look at the Kotak-Man, read further till you see the Kotak-Woman!

Ride, ride, ride on the bicycle! 

Kotak-Woman one: The happy-hooray-you-are-my-baby version.

Kotak-Woman Two: The man-ish sexy-meow version.

Kotak-Woman Three: The wait-for-you-I-will-die version.

I wanna run to a place where both of us live happily ever after, and you will kiss my forehead every time just to ease my insecurity.

The girls.

All of us take one! 

All of us take two, the funny one!!

Happy birthday sugar!! Wish you all the best in every aspects of your life! Stay positive and be strong! I know you are a tough girl that will move toward your goal no matter how many obstacles! Let's work hard together and one day we will share our fruitful success together too! xoxo

My shit-look cupcake. LOL. 

I am Valerie, so yeah, V. :) 

A gift from me & Liyin.


Still opening...

Dang dang!! Victoria Secret Body Care set! We know you are a cool girl and guess many people will give you cool stuffs, so we want you to unleash your sweet side too! Hence, this sweet body care set for you, hope you like it!

Friendship forever k! Love you all!! <3

PrinCess of the Night
Black jumpsuit, ZARA.
Heels, Nose.
Clutch, from sis.

p/s: All photos otherwise watermark are credited to Sexy Taffy Baby, official photographer of the night. 

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  1. Thank you so much <3
    Friendship 4ever !

    1. You are so welcome! Thanks for giving me a wonderful night! Friendship forever! xoxo


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