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草蜢森巴大战软硬FANS Live In Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands

Joined the current company for the fourth weeks already. People asked me, "how are your new job?" Well, so far so good. It has been a very different job scope for me compare to previous job. The current job requires more management skills, problem solving skills, and customer service communication skills as I am in the Marketing Support & Customer Loyalty Department. Never expected myself to be one of those OL that sit in office whole day, face the computer, check system and also make phone calls. Maybe this is a transition that I shall make once in a life time. After all, when I get older, I might don't have energy to run here and there executing events like what I did in my previous job. Anyhow, I cherish opportunities to learn and explore something that might unleash the 'unseen me'.  And so, last Saturday I was outstation to on duty at Genting Highland.  #1 With the colleagues. #2 Girls still girls, like to take photo no matter where w

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2013

#1  MTVWorld Stage Live in Malaysia 2013 had rock the stage at Sunway Surf Beach last Sunday!!! #2 Courtesy of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers & MTV Asia, I got a pair of EXPRESS regular tickets. Guess who I brought along?   #3 Deng deng! My darling Gigi!!! #4 Due to the rainy day, we were given a poncho and also a paper fan. #5  Darling & me... #6 Darling, sorry but i have to put your stupid face here, for laughing purpose! LOL. :p #7 Okay la, to be fair, I put up mine too. =.=" #8 Don't know why every time I become so stupid when hang out with you. Can't avoid stupid face. Ish! #9 I guess this is why we can become darlings, coz sama-sama stupid. XD #10  I just can't stand the poncho keep stick on my head! so I used the paper fan to put against it. And yeah, darling said I look stupid, and wanna snap a photo of me.  #11 Let the music party starts!!!  #12 First one to roc

The Gastro Project

The Gastro Project (TGP) - a combination of good food, unique drinks, friendly service, and movie time under one roof that you could ever find in the Section 17 neighborhood!  #1  Courtesy of The Gastro Project, we are invited to join the media food review.  Before the food review starts, guests are invited to upstairs to enjoy signature cocktails and also finger food. Upstairs is lounge seating with the walls hold blown-up photos of Hollywood stars and a big screen with a home theatre system, to reflect how much the founder's passion for film.   #2  Two not to be missed signature cocktails, including this one - 'Hmmmm....' The name sounds exactly the same after you have the first sip. #3 Apple Crumble Martini . If you like very sweet cocktail, this one is for you.  #4 Mushroom Tart , a vegetarian bite made of caramelized mushrooms and onions served on TGP polenta base. The fit-one-mouth-at-a-time-size is just nice for us to enjoy the