When we Bee & Dreamz together...

Hey guys!! Sorry for the one month hiatus!!! I sincerely apologize and thank you for your patience! My HP Pavilion decided to die on me after serviced for 5 years. Anyway, salute to it for being such a tough one! *bow*

I got so so many to share with you all! Firstly, I have resigned from my previous event company; and currently I am working at a public-listed company which I am so excited yet nervous about my upcoming OL life! Anyway, today is my first day to work and I survived! Looking forward to next days!!! :) 

My previous job ended on 31st July. So I've been relaxed and also had some fun time with friends throughout the whole 3 weeks before I started my new job. On this very beautiful day, me & my Baobei Liyin decided to go out for dating.

 My car road tax expired and Liyin was so kind to fetched me from my house. Thx baobei! :)

Since Liyin never go to Publika before, so we went there for brunch. After walked around in Publika, we have chosen the Bee.
 My Japanese green tea.

 Liyin's latte.

My spaghetti. Too huge portion that I almost vomit out for being too full!!! Gosh! 

Liyin's vegetarian sandwiches. 

 The waiter felt hilarious when we requested such photo. =.=" Cheh, what so funny wor? This is call CREATIVE & ARTISTIC k! Duh! 


After the brunch, we went to Kota Damansara because I wanna exchange my vintage sunglasses in one of the boutique. Liyin said since its so far and we were there already, we should stay longer. So we went to Dreamz Cafe!!! Been wanted to yam cha at there and finally got the chance!!
 My milk tea. To be frank, really not my cup of tea. =.="

 Chocolate mint crepe cake. This cake tasted okay at the beginning, but soon the cream sicken me. :( 

 I know I know! The bear looked great and is telling you 'Please don't drink me, I am shy'. FML. The Rose Latte that almost took both of me & Liyin's life souls away. Too unique and not our cup of tea.

 Liyin happily taking photo with her cute bear on the latte before she try the drink. LOL.

 Camwhore masing-masing. 


 Okay, after complaining so much on the drinks and cake, finally this is the one that I highly recommend! The chocolate melted from the inside and is so rich that you definitely very sinful after have this! But, who cares? :p

Stupid big frame and I looked epic in this photo but I love this photo! LOL. 

 Some other fun photos we took and collage by Liyin.  

 Played with my vintage sunglasses! 

 I was upset that mine don't have the bear! :(



Stupid face again! :p 

Great day with you baobei Liyin!!

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