The Antipodean Garden Girls

Calculated by hands fingers, I have graduated for one year and 4 months. Every time I still missing my college life, especially the happy chillax time with my Garden girls. Being the Zhu Ren (owner) of this Garden girls, I have called upon a gathering! 

Initially I have made a reservation at Butter & Milk, Bangsar. But it was closed when we reach! I was shocked and clueless how could such thing happens? Happy mood was spoiled by the stupid staff who made the reservation for me! Immediately I asked Evie to go to either Yeast or Antipodean to check out whether they have table for seven. Thank God, Antipodean had table for us! I was so wanna to screw Milk & Butter up! Bad impression and service! :( 

All day breakfast with the Pork Sausage. Too much of baked beans! Grrggghhh...:(

Seven of us, it will be full attendance if Alice can make it too! I miss our group photo!!!
Zhu Ren & Dragonfly - Valerie Cheah. Yes, both of us are Valerie. Last time in class, every time when people call Valerie, both of us will respond. LOL. XD

Zhu Ren & Butterfly - Evie. My partner-in-crime for gym, revision and shopping!!! Nah, do admit that you are the same shopaholic as me!! :p

Zhu Ren & Small Grass - Hilary. My first friend that I met during college life! Thanks for be with me for the whole three years! :)

Zhu Ren & Big Flower - Jia Min. Glad that you have grown up now!! No more living in green house ya!! Hehe... :)

Zhu Ren & Rainbow - Grace. You are a superb teacher! I salute you for what you are doing and striving for! :)

Another Garden girl, Bee - Zi Yen left earlier so I didn't have the chance to take photo with her. Aiyo, why you left earlier!! :(

Anyway, it was seriously an awesome catch up! Can't believe times flies and we are all on track and pursuing what we want in life, regardless career or relationship. I am happy that everyone of you is doing good. Some are getting married soon in next year, hehe.. I am happy and sure will reserve my time for you to be your 'ji mui' (sister)! 

Thanks for being with me while we fighting for our Bachelor of Psychology certificate! Without you all, my college life will be meaningless! Love you all! 

p/s: Alice, please make sure you let us know when are you free so that we could arrange another gathering! Hope to see you all real soon!

PrinCess of the Night:
Cropped top, JASPAL.
High waist pants, Refuge (Australia brand).
Belt, Massimo Dutti. 

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