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The Antipodean Garden Girls

Calculated by hands fingers, I have graduated for one year and 4 months. Every time I still missing my college life, especially the happy chillax time with my Garden girls. Being the Zhu Ren (owner) of this Garden girls, I have called upon a gathering!  Initially I have made a reservation at Butter & Milk, Bangsar. But it was closed when we reach! I was shocked and clueless how could such thing happens? Happy mood was spoiled by the stupid staff who made the reservation for me! Immediately I asked Evie to go to either Yeast or Antipodean to check out whether they have table for seven. Thank God, Antipodean had table for us! I was so wanna to screw Milk & Butter up! Bad impression and service! :(  #1 All day breakfast with the Pork Sausage. Too much of baked beans! Grrggghhh...:( #2 Seven of us, it will be full attendance if Alice can make it too! I miss our group photo!!! #3 Zhu Ren & Dragonfly - Valerie Cheah. Yes, both of us are Valerie. Last time

Korean Style B-Boy Princess

I can't remember when was the last time I wear a cap. But today got 'kick', so I decided to wear a cap. #1  Deng deng! What cha think? Still okay? I curled my hair so that my hair don't look flat on me.  PrinCess of the Day:  Cap, gift from Monika.  Colorful pastel dress, room8008 .  Flats, Emax .  Sling bag, Louis Vuitton EPI   Thou I was wearing quite pretty (erhem), but I only go for makan, LOL. And also some window shopping la... Hehehehe... Went to this Korean restaurant located at 6th floor, Sungai Wang. It was our all time favorite when we were form 4. Every time before or after the karaoke session at Redbox, definitely we will go eat at there. But apparently they renovated, not so 'my time' already. #2  Korean sushi. #3  Spicy ramen. #4  Kimchi in eggs. The food also not so yummy already compare to last time. I guess they changed boss or chef. Well, to maintain the flavor and taste is a very impor

When we Bee & Dreamz together...

Hey guys!! Sorry for the one month hiatus!!! I sincerely apologize and thank you for your patience! My HP Pavilion decided to die on me after serviced for 5 years. Anyway, salute to it for being such a tough one! *bow* I got so so many to share with you all! Firstly, I have resigned from my previous event company; and currently I am working at a public-listed company which I am so excited yet nervous about my upcoming OL life! Anyway, today is my first day to work and I survived! Looking forward to next days!!! :)  My previous job ended on 31st July. So I've been relaxed and also had some fun time with friends throughout the whole 3 weeks before I started my new job. On this very beautiful day, me & my Baobei Liyin decided to go out for dating. #1  My car road tax expired and Liyin was so kind to fetched me from my house. Thx baobei! :) Since Liyin never go to Publika before, so we went there for brunch. After walked around in Publika, we have chosen the Be