Leica X Vario Launch

Leica, a German optics company was founded back in 1913. Leica has been known as a prestige and luxury camera brand where people who truly enjoy and love photography will at least own one of the Leica cameras. It was like 2 years ago when I first heard of Leica, and I am happy that finally I got to play with the toy.

 PrinCess of the Day:
 Tube dress, The Angel Dress. I have to dress up gorgeous just to compatible with the image of Leica. LOL.

 Leica D-Lux 6. Consider as the most affordable spec among all Leica cameras, which is good at Macro mode, check out my food photos down there! :) 

Leica X Vario, which is so so outstanding in term of the design and specifications. Too expensive for me thou. Perfect for pro, a little too high end for me, the beginner.

After the product introduction in Leica store located at Avenue K, we were invited to The Apartment at KLCC for lunch, hosted by Leica. It was quite a unique experience where ten of us walked from Avenue K to KLCC through the underground tunnel, feeling more like friends hanging out, instead of blogger-business associates.I like that. :)

Below photos are straight from Leica X Vario, no editing, only watermark added on:


 The color is really sharp and awesome.


 Well, as usual, testing out the 'practicality' of a good camera, whether it can be good for camwhore. :p

Below photos are straight from Leica D-Lux 6, no editing, only watermark added on:

With Mr. Mathieu, the South East Asia Area Sales Manager of Leica. He was showing me some awesome masterpieces by few photographers, using Leica cameras.



 The benefit of Leica D-Lux 6 is that, please put your camera as near as possible to your food, you still get to focus on the subject!!! (Just remember don't touch your lenses on the food la.. hahaha)




 The 1:1 ratio of the photo. Suitable for Instagram, and of course Facebook page photos on the timeline. Your photos will never being cut into quarter anymore. LOL.



I had very special and wonderful experiences trying out the awesomeness of Leica cameras. Really wish to get myself one of it. Tim asked me to save from now. LOL. Can I get sponsor, please, Timmy? *watery puppy eyes*

For more information, visit www.leicastore.com.my. Have fun exploring! ;)

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