Chivalrystyle debuted as a wholly digital lifestyle magazine in October 2012. It covers all aspects of the modern gentleman's lifestyle. just had its launch party in KL Live, together with medias and invited guests. 


Fashion show. Oh by the way, there was also the underwear runway show. Imagine all the six packs hanging around on the stage... *drooling* You can watch the video in my instagram: @princessmiharu My mom has been telling me sharing is caring. LOL.

Newly met friend, Crystal. 

With Timmy and Crystal. 

The cocktail, which I don't really enjoy cocktail, prefer hard liquor instead.



With Sarah Low, long time no see you! All the best in your beauty pageant!:)


The BIG bottle of the night!! 

Micheal's finger suddenly came out out of nowhere, but I still looked pretty. LOL. 




LOL. We enjoyed camwhore with Panasonic Lumix G6 free angle monitor!

Chivas Regal in Vivienne Westwood suit!!!

My after-alcohol-drunk-red-face! 

Someone said I look good in this photo, what say you?

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