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Bridal shooting for Couture Wedding Gallery

It has been some time since my freelancer life ended. Not literally ended but got too busy with my full time job that I seldom have the time to spare for freelance jobs. Talked about photo shooting, recently I just picked it up again and it was so challenging - the Couple Shooting. I have never done any couple shooting with someone who is not my partner. So hopefully the photo could come out nicely.
#1  Make up and hairdo done.
#2  First set. I like how the cheongsam brings my oriental look out. Loving the cutting and design. Thumbs up. :)
#3  My bridegroom of the day.
#4  I am the Little Fox.... 
#5  Erhem, sexy back? 
#7  Second set. I love how this wedding gown show my body line, but of course, I got to breath in deeply every time to keep my stomach. =.=" 
#8  My MUA cum Hairstylist cum boss - Ah Leong. 
#9  Third set.
#10  Do I look good with bob hair? This is my twin sister, Valentine. Haha. 
#11  Fourth set.
#12  Fifth set, the last set.
#13 My last set was taken o…

Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013 Grand Final

Second check in for the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013, to Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel again. This time is for the preparation of Grand Final.
#1  We were given a new room, which I love it the moment I stepped into the room!
#2 Wow~~ Look at the bathroom!!! Perfect for couple to honeymoon here! LOL. Me & Jia Jia were syiok sendiri and enjoyed the glass there! She watched me pee from there. =.="
#3  Still loving the breakfast there. Happiness is when you got to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast. 
#4  Darling & me during the Welcome Party hosted by Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel.
#5 Lunch with Miss Tourism International 2012 Winner - Miss Philippines, Rizzini.  I had brownies with vanilla ice cream. Forgot to take a photo with Rizzini. Had a fun time with her in Sunway Pyramid too. Glad that she loved the Hui Lau Shan mango dessert that I treated her. :)
#6  Brian, the chaperon with his super cute Hello Kitty luggage. Argh~~ I steal from you later! ngek ngek ngek.... *evil grin*
#7 J…

Chivalrystyle debuted as a wholly digital lifestyle magazine in October 2012. It covers all aspects of the modern gentleman's lifestyle. just had its launch party in KL Live, together with medias and invited guests. 

#2 Fashion show. Oh by the way, there was also the underwear runway show. Imagine all the six packs hanging around on the stage... *drooling* You can watch the video in my instagram: @princessmiharu My mom has been telling me sharing is caring. LOL.
#3 Newly met friend, Crystal. 
#4 With Timmy and Crystal. 
The cocktail, which I don't really enjoy cocktail, prefer hard liquor instead.

#8 With Sarah Low, long time no see you! All the best in your beauty pageant!:)
#10 The BIG bottle of the night!! 
#11 Micheal's finger suddenly came out out of nowhere, but I still looked pretty. LOL. 
#15 LOL. We enjoyed camwhore with Panasonic Lumix G6 free angle monitor!

#16 Chivas Regal in Vivienne Westwood suit!!!
#17 My …

Leica X Vario Launch

Leica, a German optics company was founded back in 1913. Leica has been known as a prestige and luxury camera brand where people who truly enjoy and love photography will at least own one of the Leica cameras. It was like 2 years ago when I first heard of Leica, and I am happy that finally I got to play with the toy.
 PrinCess of the Day:  Tube dress, The Angel Dress. I have to dress up gorgeous just to compatible with the image of Leica. LOL.

 Leica D-Lux 6. Consider as the most affordable spec among all Leica cameras, which is good at Macro mode, check out my food photos down there! :) 

Leica X Vario, which is so so outstanding in term of the design and specifications. Too expensive for me thou. Perfect for pro, a little too high end for me, the beginner.

After the product introduction in Leica store located at Avenue K, we were invited to The Apartment at KLCC for lunch, hosted by Leica. It was quite a unique experience where ten of us walked from Avenue K to KLCC through …