The BrandLaureate Awards

So much so that I was exhausted during the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013 pageant period, I still need to attend the BrandLaureate dinner for our company. Anyway, it was an eye opening experience for me when seeing many capable and outstanding people received awards.

PrinCess of the Night:
Red silk cheongsam with long fall back tail, sponsored by fashion designer Jason Yek.

This cheongsam look very normal and usual from the front, but the back actually look super seductive, which is why I love this dress. Sexy not?

The dinner was a Western fine dining style, yes, do expect very presentable dishes yet small portion.

Prawn Cocktail. I don't really enjoy raw vegetables, hence I only ate the prawns.

Roasted Mushroom Soup served with bread. Personally think this is a little too bitter for me. I eat bitter gourd k! But I just don't like the bitterness of mushroom soup.

Pineapple sorbet. You must be feeling weird why so fast comes to dessert when the main dish haven't even serve yet. We all felt that too. Then we realized, or to be exact, self-assumed that this is still an appetizer. LOL. I love this one.

Here you go the main dish - Pan fried Norwegian Salmon with Crab Cake, Saffon Potatoes and served with Seafood Ragout Sauce. I only ate the side dishes, in fact I prefer raw salmon than a cooked salmon. Haha. I know I am weird. No raw vegetables, but raw salmon.

The best dish and the real dessert of the night - Peanut Butter White Chocolate Mousse with Cofee Custard Sauce. Awesome one!! Creamy yet crunchy, heaven time!!

Darling Gigi, June (Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012) & me.

Darling & me. 

Group photo of D'Touch ladies and beauty queens. 

Terence, emcee of the night. I was telling Gigi that how come someone can be bald yet so handsome! LOL! Okay, my bad. :p

Present to you, the trophy for our Miss Tourism International beauty pageant in the BrandLaureate Award!! 

I have to kinda imitate what award recipients usually do when they received awards or trophy. YES! Must have scene - KISS THE TROPHY!! XD

Specially designed Chocolate Praline with BrandLaureate event logo. I forgot to eat this! fml. Too busy with photo taking.

Can't help but loving this dress!! Jason has chosen this cheongsam for me, you know why? Coz' he is another one who thought I really look like from China. =.=" LOL. I have been misunderstood by people so many times that I am from Beijing or Shanghai, China. Thanks to my eyes. Next time if you see me walking on the street, feel free to speak Bahasa Melayu with me, as I am Chinese Malaysian who can really speak Bahasa. TQVM. 

Don't want to take off my dress. LOL. 

Spent some quality time with my Kitty since I was out for the whole day for work and also for dinner. Haha. *ignore me*

Anyone attended the BrandLaureate Awards too? Would love to see what your OOTD and share me some fashion tips! Thank you! :)

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