Panasonic Lumix Product Media Launch

I have never been a real photographer material even thou I am a blogger. I still enjoy being the subject for photographer. LOL. But to be frank, a camera is indeed important for a blogger to record and snap down the precious moment of events that took place. I used to own a Fujifilm Finepix F500EXR. But then I found it rather troublesome when I have to snapped with both camera and smartphone. Why both? Because I need camera to have a more precise and clearer photo while smartphone so that I could straight away upload to social media sites. Yeah, I know, damn sienz.  So I have been searching for a camera that suits me in term of its outlook and functions.

Today, Panasonic launched its Lumix new products at Aloft Hotel. The new Lumix products included G6, GF6 and LX1. The new line-up of Lumix cameras are to meet the needs and preference of women on the go. These new cameras have a sleek design with a compact body which is designed to attract the attention of the young, strong and active female consumers. 

Before the launch, medias were waiting at the foyer for some social networking session and light refreshment. 

 Andy using the Panasonic Lumix G6 free angle monitor to have both of us camwhore together. :)

 Finally met Cheesie and spoke to her in real life! She is so petite and kawaii! 

 The grand ballroom with 3 huge projector screens.

Tim & me.

Mr. Yosuke Matsunaga, Managing Director of Panasonic Malaysia gave a speech and also presentation on the 5 key areas: Total outlook and market of scenario of the DSC market, Lumix strategy and vision, new product line-up with advertising campaign, last but not least, the positive reviews on Lumix G line up. 

Personally I think that Mr. Yosuke is very macho. Erhem.:p

After the speech, Panasonic has prepared a very interesting and interactive launching gambit. Here you go!

Rather than those traditional bored catwalk, eventually they have a real-life commercial in front of the medias! I like it. :)

 Ms. Chloe Lodge, an International Photographer gave a product presentation to us. Unlike the boring one, eventually Ms. Chloe shared her experience and review on the Lumix G series. She also shared some of her photos taken with Lumix G series. 

 A short & sweet Q&A session. 

The most exciting moment - Mr. Yosuke launched and unveiled the black curtain so that the medias get to hands on the camera!!! :D
Deng deng!! The red color Panasonic Lumix GF6!! I really can't resist gadget in red la!! My S3 is in red as well! Why you so sexy, Little Red? 

 Wink! I wanna bring you home! *puppy eyes*

 Figured out how to play with the sexy Little Red.

Okay, I got you, the self shot operation!! Say cheese~~

 Panasonic Lumix LX1, the thinnest among three cameras, but also the lowest spec and range.

 A decorated corner or medias to play and snap.

 I was reading about the spec of Panasonic Lumix G6.

I love how I can grip it and it fits nicely in my hand!!! Very light weight compare to GF6, due to the lense. 

 My pleasure to spoke with Ms. Chloe on some photography advices and tips. Was actually asking her about which type of camera should I get, as the beginner of photography. She was so nice and answered my question patiently. Thank you Ms. Chloe! :)

 Not to forget, various of lenses or you to play around! I love the Nano Surface Coating Lumix G X Vario power lens (the small one on my left hand)! This is the world's first digital interchangeable power zoom lens with retractable optics for superb mobility. Andy suggested that I buy the GF6 together with this power lens, hmm....will take into consideration! :)

 Emcee of the day - Ms. Nadia. 

 Yes, you read it right! That's the Food Recognition Mode!! Yes, shout it loud!!! I was like, "omg omg omg, the food recognition mode?! My dining prayer could be done so much better now!" Yes, take photo before we eat, the trend nowadays. Don't laugh or giggle, I know you are one of them! :p

Andy used the Appetizing Food mode to snapped a photo of me. Ahha, so do I look more delicious now? LOL. Photos credit to Andy Kho.

You are excited about the Panasonic Lumix G series already? Don't be nervous, let me tell you a good news. Panasonic Lumix GF6 will be available in market from the beginning of July, while G6 and LX1 will be in market starting from the mid of July.

Regarding pricing, Panasonic Lumix GF6k is retail at RM1,999.00, GF6x retail at RM2,399.00 and GF6w retail at RM2,599.00. Price of G6 and LX1 to be announced. 

For more information, please visit or call Customer Care Centre at 03-7953 7600.

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  1. I love red too. Would love to have a go at the camera, >.< Looks like it can do wonders!

    1. *high 5* You should go and have a look and try it! Many features to be explore!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mr. Lonely!! :) Hope my blog makes you no more lonely!


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