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Panasonic Lumix Product Media Launch

I have never been a real photographer material even thou I am a blogger. I still enjoy being the subject for photographer. LOL. But to be frank, a camera is indeed important for a blogger to record and snap down the precious moment of events that took place. I used to own a Fujifilm Finepix F500EXR. But then I found it rather troublesome when I have to snapped with both camera and smartphone. Why both? Because I need camera to have a more precise and clearer photo while smartphone so that I could straight away upload to social media sites. Yeah, I know, damn sienz.  So I have been searching for a camera that suits me in term of its outlook and functions. Today, Panasonic launched its Lumix new products at Aloft Hotel. The new Lumix products included G6, GF6 and LX1. The new line-up of Lumix cameras are to meet the needs and preference of women on the go. These new cameras have a sleek design with a compact body which is designed to attract the attention of the young, strong and a

The BrandLaureate Awards

So much so that I was exhausted during the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013 pageant period , I still need to attend the BrandLaureate dinner for our company. Anyway, it was an eye opening experience for me when seeing many capable and outstanding people received awards. PrinCess of the Night: Red silk cheongsam with long fall back tail, sponsored by fashion designer Jason Yek . This cheongsam look very normal and usual from the front, but the back actually look super seductive, which is why I love this dress. Sexy not? The dinner was a Western fine dining style, yes, do expect very presentable dishes yet small portion. #1 Prawn Cocktail . I don't really enjoy raw vegetables, hence I only ate the prawns. #2 Roasted Mushroom Soup served with bread . Personally think this is a little too bitter for me. I eat bitter gourd k! But I just don't like the bitterness of mushroom soup. #3 Pineapple sorbet . You must be feeling weird why so fast comes to des