Superstar Libra Cruise Getaway - Day 1

This was my first time on cruise, and thank you my boss for this company trip. Thou somehow feel a bit stressful coz we can't really let go too much and be ourselves. LOL. After all, we still need to take care of our images in front of boss. :p

 Gigi, me & Sara. On the way to Penang port from KL. 

 Me & Jia Jia while waiting for Sara to check in for us. :)

 My cruise card! It is a room key and also a key to access to all facilities. 

 On the deck 9 - adult swimming pool and hot tub.

 Also the kids swimming pool. 



I looked very fierce huh? Was trying very hard to search for internet line. LOL.

 With darling Gigi.

 Gathered and waiting for the briefing.

 Yes, briefing time and this is where we should gather and escape, in case Titanic happens again. Choi! 

 Welcome party by the cruise. Thai dance.

 Mat salleh Hawaiian dance.


 The focus on this photo is actually my hair!!! LOL. My hair look so long in this photo!!! Love it!!

 During the karaoke session, me & darling handling out fingers and caught by Jia Jia.... :p 

We were on board around 4pm, hence the half day ended with little activities. Eventually I suffocated myself the moment I stepped in our room. Goodness! I not sure whether I got claustrophobia but I just get a little uncomfortable with such limited space.  Anyway, we call it a day. First time slept on the sea, damn it, i got water phobia. =.="

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