Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013 Reality Show

Still remember when I joined Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 last year? Yes, I was crowned 2nd runner up which I think is a dream, and is still a dream. Coz' I woke up from the reality and threw myself to the hell adult world. And soon after I got myself a 2nd runner up, I joined the company and became the organizer instead. 

First beauty pageant that I have played a role in organizing was Miss Tourism International 2012. Just in case you wanna know, here's the link: http://www.princessmiharu.net/2013/01/festive-month-with-miss-tourism.html. And I supposed you can compare the difference between a finalist and organizing committee after compare both blog posts. 

This time, in fact, currently we are organizing Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013. Apart from previous years, we are doing a reality show for all the internet users and audiences. 

We just had our Press Conference today and I am glad that many media and press turned out to cover our event. Today also marked the airing of first episode on Tonton website, which is our Official Online Media. 

You can watch Miss Malaysia Tourism 2013 Reality Show at www.tonton.com.my now.  Watch the first episode to see what we have for our finalists!

Stay tune for upcoming episodes, every Thursday, 5pm at www.tonton.com.my!

Gotta get my ass back to work! See ya soon! ;)

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  1. I really Love This Post.. It is very informative and helpful... Thanx for Sharing Such a nice Post Keep it up.
    cute girls

  2. Great show of beauty and fashioned girls. I have liked your facebook pages for further updates.


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