Libra Cruise Day 3 - Krabi

Good morning! Today call time is earlier at 10.30am. We woke up earlier than day 2 for preparation and breakfast.

English breakfast again.

Jia Jia do braid for me. Thank you darling~

Darling Gigi is cleaning up my pores at the back. LOL.

Dang dang!! Jia Jia's masterpiece!! Decorate with my flower accessory! LOL. The word decorate sounds so wrong, as if I am bonsai. :p

We are waiting for our turn to take the boat to Krabi as there is no port for our big cruise. 

Gillian, me & Jia Jia.


Look at the sea behind me. Remember I told you I am water phobia? Can you imagine my feeling when they insisted to sit at the upper foyer of the boat? Yes, trembling. =.="

Beautiful staffs, my boss is so lucky. :p

Camwhore first with my phone. The quality getting worse, I don't know why. Maybe I need to change a phone with better camera. :p

Darling bite me immediately when I pressed the shutter. =.="

Apparently Sara love this photo. But, wait, who is that moron at the back, posing some more?!? Wth? Ruined our photo! :(

Different tuk-tuk car again at Krabi. Now I know there are different types and designs even thou they are all named tuk-tuk.

I asked Jia Jia to snapped this shop because I like the overall designs and concepts.

Blue sky, white cloud. (LOL! Direct translate from Mandarin - 蓝天白云)

PrinCess of the Day:
Red monokini, Curve. White tube dress, Japan. Sunglasses, Playboy. Straw bag, complimentary from Suria KLCC 2013 Fashion Week. Hello Kitty flip flop, Taiwan.

Thanks darling Gigi again for such beautiful OOTD photo!!

Hello Kitty tuk-tuk!!! 

Super hot & melted look! Have to tied up my hair hence, the Kamsahamida look. LOL.

Darling happily took out the ice for me.

2 H moment - Hot and Hungry.

Pineapple fried rice, the famous Thai dish.

Salad, not my cup-of-tea.

After the lunch, Gillian & Darling Gigi went to massage while me, Jia Jia & Sara went to beach for some scary water moment. 

Love Jia Jia's bikini! I bought it in Phuket but I can't fit in, apparently I got big hips and the bottom seems so small on me! But Jia Jia looks great on this so I sold it to her! :) 

Sara, Jia Jia & me. I have to hide behind because I have small boobs. =.=" 

I think I need some liposuction. :'(

Some boobs enhancement.

Despite my imperfection, thank you Jia Jia for such lovely photos! 





Jia Jia said this is a photo of us having affair when Gigi is not around! Hahahah!

After the exposed-too-much-of-sun look. I am doomed.

Have some Chang beer under the hot sun is such a blessing!!

Ignore my super lazy no image look.

Actually tried to pretend like I am camwhore-ing because I wanna capture a handsome guy behind me. But epic failed, he hide behind the board. :(

We were so drunk. 

Yes, I drunk and my middle finger is out. I'm sorry. :p

Such a beautiful scenery!! 


So tired jor... 

Finally reached our cruise.

Okay, why this scene? Because Darling stared at me when I told her I went to toilet for the second time in the same day, as Darling has constipation for many days already.  LOL. I tried very hard to explained myself and Jia Jia managed to snapped my poor thing face.

My temporary boyfriend of the night - Orange couple!! :) 

Everyone dressed up nicely for the farewell dinner and party. 

Our dinner dishes hosted by cruise. 





Last shopping at the duty free store before we go up to deck 9 for pool side party.

Enjoying our windy night at deck 10.

Last group picture of us on the cruise.

Darling & me. :)

Okay. There is a story behind this photo. Both of us were enjoying the saxophone played by the saxophonist and we decided to dance. Jia Jia insisted to be the 'man' despite her height was shorter than me and she hugged me from the back. Then I found it so awkward that I couldn't stand and I laughed like hell. LOL. I think she can barely breathe when she hug me from behind as her face was in my hair already. Hahaha!

Anyway, it was a fun night for us as we chit chat so much and get to enjoy the romantic windy night together. Loving the feeling on cruise with the companion of wind and soft music.  

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  1. hahaha hello bonsai! btw how much izit ar the trip?

    1. haha! Yew, bonsai is here! I don't know the price wor since this is company trip and account handle the payment n booking. But u may check at Libra Cruise website. :)


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