Libra Cruise Day 2 - Phuket

The call time for gathering was 12pm. But the breakfast only served until 10am, hence we all woke up earlier for breakfast, after all, is our first breakfast on cruise. Hehe... :)

 English breakfast buffet style.

 Loving this mixed (mushroom, cheese, onion) omelet.

The waiter served this sunny-side-up to our table, which we didn't order. But since already served, so I volunteered myself to eat this up.

PrinCess of the Day:
 Arena x Hello Kitty Spring Summer 2013 collection monokini, Sun Paradise. Black high waist short, Angel Dress. Hello Kitty flip flop, Taiwan. Straw hat, Modestar. Straw bag, complimentary from Suria KLCC 2013 Fashion Week. Thank you my lovely Gigi for this OOTD photo. :)

Braid by Jia Jia. I love it so much! Too bad I don't know how to do this type of braid on my own!! :(

 Darling Gigi & me.


 Basketball on cruise!

 Half court only anyway.


 Gigi, me & Irene disembarked at Phuket port.


 Can't wait for our Phuket tour!

We have rented a van for 4500baht to fetch us anywhere and everywhere until 10pm.

Say yeah!! :)

 Phuket town! Robinsons!!  Me want go!!!



 It seems like Swensens is very popular in Thailand, you can see almost everywhere.

 My super sinful rich chocolate flavor ice cream.

 Okay, my glutton face. Even ignore the camera.

 I don't care. Force Jia Jia to retake for me. Haha.

Aww~so sweet~~


 Phuket's tuk-tuk car. Different from Hatyai one. :)


 While waiting for others to shopping, camwhore again.

 Tada!! Bought this Hello Kitty Body Lotion from Watsons with 139baht only!!! So so cheap!!! Love it!!!



Hahaha! Spot this cute character from Dragon Ball being displayed on the roof of the car!

Sawadeekah~ I was in PORN...THIP! LOL. Local snacks and food store.

Done with shopping! Heading to Patong beach!!!

Patong beach welcome us!! :)


Tried McDonald Apple pie? What about corn pie? I tell you, super yummy!! Must try!!

Choosing colors for our pedicure.

Finally we have WiFi to surf the internet!!! Is really suffering to live without internet! I need Instagram and Facebook!

Lovely sunset at the Patong beach!


We are literally not so happy with our pedicure. No OPI nail polish, and not very skillful when applying the nail colors.


We heart Phuket!

Nice not? Needless to tell people that we are tourists, i bet they can see it, too obvious. LOL.

After the Patong beach strolled, the van driver brought us to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Eventually it was a restaurant meant for tourists, so you can expect higher price.



Crab with glass noodles.

Grilled prawns.

Curry-like crabs.

Fried spicy lala. The only eatable dish among all dishes.


The local beer. Very smooth and crispy.

Grilled squid. Too hard to chew.

Cheers!!! :)

Our back, very sweet huh? Hehe...

A very tiring but happy day! The van driver said I 'sui mak mak'! Hahaha! 

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  1. Ahhhhhh Valerie, i love your hello kitty monokini. Which sun paradise outlet you got it and how much??? Wait, is it still selling that monokini?

    1. Hi Sophia, thank you! I bought at Sun Paradise in Pavilion ,for RM239 or RM259, can't remember. I just went today,yes,still got stocks. :) Faster go buy!!


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