YAA SUI (pronounce in Cantonese - 呀水) means swag or hype. YAA SUI is used to describe someone who has individual fashion style and who is confidence and dare to dress up him or herself. Thanks to these people who have founded YAA SUI - Brandon Ong from YAA SUI, Edward Choo and Sun Khiew from LAH'LAH'Land, Peas Hon from CHALK, Maxx Chuo and Griffin Leong from InFluence and Bee Yin from Beeyinalicious; now fashionistas who share the same interest has a platform to gather and interact! 

YAA SUI IS NOT DEAD was a private party and invited by organizers only. Thank you Sun Khiew for invited me and allow me to bring along guests.

From left: Ba, Kesh, Jia Jia, me & Doraemon. Ba and Kesh are dragged by Jia Jia to join the party very last minute hence they have no preparation at all. Poor thing. LOL. While my Doraemon don't wanna dress up. Lazy bum bum. He said this is his individual style. FML.

Jia Jia with her more-than-30cm huge ribbon. Apparently she handmade it on her own! Superb girl!!! 

Ask me what is my futuristic fashion. Well, for attire I would say more neon color and transparency. For accessories, a book-like clutch, neon colors earrings, and also white ceramic watch. I chosen a clean-cut make up, which is a combination of neon color eyeshadow with nude lips. Of course, futuristic still need alcohol because we work hard, and party hard!!

Me & Mikie, my new met friend in this party. I really love her attire!! All handmade by herself!! I have voted her for the Best Dressed Female award! 

Simple yet futuristic! I especially love her rubber transparent shoes!! A sweetie pie!

Mikie's elder sister, Bee Yin. Another very futuristic outfit! Thumbs up for the sisters!!! By the way, she is one of the YAA SUI organizers, from Beeyinalicious. She and her sis are going to open a shop soon in Sungai Wang, do check them out!!! :)

Me & Peas, another YAA SUI organizer and she is also the founder of CHALK. I bought my vintage clothes from her and apparently got very positive comments from friends. 

What say you? :)

Jia Jia & Peas. Apparently they said that their height match each other more, so the photo looks nicer. What the #$%^? 

=.="" Yes, I know. What expression? His very own futuristic wide smile!

Jia Jia also cannot stand his pattern, so we snapped again. And this time, he has this not-wide-but-showing-teeth expression. Wtf. Meanwhile I looked so incredibly pretty k! LOL.

Finally, the photo seems to be a little synchronized already. If you realize, yes, I have to ugly-fied myself in order to have a better photo with him. Haiz..what to do? Beauty just never works when I am with him.

Can you understand their futuristic fashion? No, you don't. Because they are YAA SUI; they are their own definition of fashion style. So, stop criticizing, get yourself a life. 

Edward from LAH'LAH'Land, he is also one of the organizers. 

Edward said Fuck the System! And I said, yes, fuck our system and change the system *showing my middle finger if you can see* .


The LED light couples! Apparently I voted the guy for the Best Dressed Male, and he won the title. Congratulations!!! And the Best Dressed Female goes to this LED light lady! Photo credits to Tony Wong B.

69 Bistro, Official Venue for YAA SUI IS NOT DEAD. 

Neon pink dress with transparent part, Lemon Fashion.Transparent strap with neon pink heels, Dot Boutique. L Confession book-like clutch, Telephone. White ceramic watch, DKNY

Side view of my hairstyle, actually learned from Youtube. I pretty like it as it looks very modern and fashionably chic. Earrings, Diva. Actually loving this side view photo of me. Haha.

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  1. wow really futuristic! wait why u are not? lol

    1. Yup!! haha! I don't have any time n creativity to design my futuristic attire! :p


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