Xinbeitou Hotspring Ramen & BBQ Buffet

Tomorrow is my last day in Taiwan already. Many friends have ask my favor to buy something back to Malaysia, while Doraemon wanted to buy Taiwan local food and snacks back to Taiwan. 

So we had our breakfast near market there before going for souvenir shopping.  
 Bitter gourd pork rib soup. Very clear and sweet.


Braised meat rice again. Doraemon really like this dish. Haha.
Self make chilli sauce and chilli flakes.
Mixture of 鲜鱿鱼,鱿鱼羹,and 鱼酥. I prefer yesterday's in market that one.

PrinCess of the Day:
Dark blue sleeveless galaxy long top, H&M. Grey thighs, Uniqlo. Today I am a rocker. LOL.

Bought many local snacks, chocolates, and also beauty products such as mask, sleeping socks, etc. Really love my choice of home stay because I can put back all the stuffs that I bought before I go for my fun trip! 

Doraemon's ugly face! :p 

Never know Beitou MRT station is so different from other stations!!! Wah!! They have so adorable decorations to showcase the specialties of Xinbeitou.

Wah!! See, so cute!!! The screen that hided inside this wood barrel

Wanted to know what is the screen all about? Check out this video!
So informative huh! Actually Beitou to Xinbeitou is very near only, but the driver will slow down the speed and allow passengers to have enough time to browse through the information, and also view the scenery. Considerate <3
Where to go? Hmm...

Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch.

The library is designed in such a modern yet unique way. Spotted a group of kindergarten kids visiting the library. Hehe...


The first hot springs in Xinbeitou - LongNaiTang Bathhouse. Initially wanted to shower at the public bathhouse here, but too bad we didn't know that we need to bring own towels and other necessary toiletries. Argh~~ I should ask my friends first before I go! 

Never mind, thou I forget to check about the hot springs matters, but I remember to checked about the food there! LOL. I am glutton I know!! 

Very famous Hotspring Ramen. Need to queue for your turn.

Full house!!

I'm loving the posters behind me! 


Hot spring egg. So so yummy!! Is cold one by the way.

Signature fried tofu. And we got this for half price!! They are having a promotion, play a game and get this dish for 50% if you managed to win.

Haha! Doraemon won the mini game! Smart boy! :)

My spicy ramen.

Indeed, Hotspring ramen taste so much better than the usual Japanese ramen!!

Boneless saury.

Mochi that I love to the max!!! MUST EAT!!! 

A must-go restaurant if you go to Xinbeitou. :) 

Since trip to Xinbeitou was cut so much shorter due to no more shower at public bathroom, I told Doraemon that I would like to go back to University of Taiwan to eat that waffle that we missed out that day. 
Still as long queue as that day. 

Bought 3 waffles, 1 for me, 1 for Doraemon, and 1 for Golden Sea. 

Doraemon's ham and cheese waffle. So fluffy and filling! I can understand why so many people queue for this waffle! I want the chocolate banana waffle now!!!

As discussed with Golden Sea, we have dated to have BBQ buffet together before I leave Taiwan.

Many different sauces.

Chocolates in heart shape and in four flavors: Chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla.

Japanese BBQ plus steamboat.

Many appetizers to choose from.


Pepper edamame, tofu and pork as my appetizer.

Lamb and beef.

My favorite pork!!!


Grill ah grill~~

Golden Sea taught me how to grill the beef. Thank you master chef ya! :)

Very interesting rice cakes that I have never seen in Malaysia BBQ. Hehe..but need special care when grill this. So we actually took turn to do this.

It will bloated and is ready to eat with peanuts.

Golden Sea, Nicole and me. Finally have time to meet up one day before I leave Taiwan.

Tomorrow gonna leave Taiwan. Thank you Golden Sea for being not only my tour guide, but also my 'co-organizer' in planning my trip before I came to Taiwan. Also thanks my one-day tour guide, Crescent for celebrated my birthday together with very special birthday gift. This trip has been a fruitful one!

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  1. HI, can I know where is the BBQ place u had ? Restaurant name ??

    1. Hi Marilyn, the BBQ is located at Xi Men Ding, the restaurant named Le Tian (in mandarin).


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