Taipei Station and Wufenpu

 Today's plan initially is purely to go to Wufenpu (五分铺), but I have checked that Monday is the restock day for all wholesaler, hence is better to visit them in the afternoon around 3 or 4pm.

So we have decided to go to walk around near Taipei Station.

PrinCess of the Day:
Blue Aztec printed crop top, Kitschen. High waist shorts, Angel Dress. Black thighs, can't recall. Black outerwear, Zara Women. Hello Kitty sneakers, Vans.

Today tried to be a little sexy with my tummy. LOL.

We went to morning market this morning! Haha! To hunt our breakfast instead! 

This is 鱿鱼羹. I don't know how should I call this in English. Something like fishball, but is made of squid, and is not round shape.

The fish one. This one is after deep fried then only put in soup. 

Hooray!!! Collected all points to redeem one Hello Kitty!!!

#5 excited to know which design I got! Maybe you share with me which design you like the most then I will reveal mine!

Reached Taipei Station there and we were walking around to explore the place.

 Super smooth Taufufa with water cooked peanuts.

Warm soy bean. 

Such a long deep fried dough sticks!! By the way, please pardon my eye. Actually my left eye was swollen when I woke up in the morning. Guess is because of allergic. Though is getting better but still I tried to cover a bit when taking photos. I look like gold fish ok! =.="

Xiao Long Bao. Very different from our Malaysian one, the skin is thicker but unexpectedly, it still taste very delicious, even better than our Malaysia one.

Ahh!! Desperate bear shower in the public! OMG! 

If in Malaysia, I think people will purposely kick and step on it! 

While we were looking for one of the Hello Kitty shops, I really cannot stand the wind anymore and took this video. 

LOL! Please pardon my super messy hair! I almost blew away by the wind!!

Washroom in MRT station actually has this real time board for our convenience.  Red means occupied, while green means vacant. Such user friendly washrooms huh!

We reached 后山埤 around 4pm and we were very hungry. 

 Saw this 胡须张 and decided to go in and have a try on the 鲁肉饭!

Braised eggs.

鲁肉饭 Braised meat rice. They are using Japanese rice which is fatter and shorter, taste nice!

Radish soup, so natural sweet! Thumbs up!

Bean sprouts. 

Braised meat, very soft and juicy.

Very much recommended 胡须张! Must go and eat when you go to 后山埤! You will see it if you are walking toward Wufenpu, is at the corner, near the traffic light.

I was pretty annoyed at Wufenpu because too big and I found it quite messy maybe because it is a wholesaler center. Is very difficult to find clothes, and those that I eyed on, have to pre-order. Kinda sad.

Bought the white corn and is tasteless. LOL. 

After Shilin, Gongguan, and Shida, this is our 4th night market - Raohe Street Night Market.

Golden Sea I must eat this when I go to Raohe St night market, so I queue for it.

Pepper biscuit. Truly yummy with meat, spring onion, and pepper as the filling. Not spicy but fragrance instead.

Super big cup of red tea, only RM2.50! :) 

Fried yam ball. I never like yam so I only bought one to try. And immediately I regret! I should have buy more!!! Never thought it could be so awesome delicious!!! :0

Grilled Stink Tofu! 

Very special stink tofu with vegetables stuffed inside.

Butter pepper prawn and butter crab.

We have ordered one Butter Prawn as both of us don't really like crab. Well, I expected it to be better, but is just average. Too oily.

Deng deng!!! See what I bought? Coco Amour x Hello Kitty Limited Edition EDP!!! And this design is exclusively in Taiwan, 500 units only!!! 

Okay, after shopped happily, we went for some snacks.


You know Chatime is from Taiwan right? But do you know that you could hardly find Chatime in Taiwan actually? There is only one Chatime outlet in Ximending! Chatime in Taiwan is not as famous as in Malaysia, while COME BUY actually has more outlets in Taiwan! Haha! Anyway, Chatime in Taiwan taste better and is so so much cheaper!!



Spicy chicken. Yummy!!! 

Spring onion egg biscuit! 

While we were eating at Ximending street there, you can always see all these hawker stalls run away because of the authorities. Some will pretend to run away then push his stall back to the place and continue sell again. It is a very interesting scene to be seen. However, I feel sympathy to them as they are only doing business, thou is illegal because they have no license. Well, kinda paradoxical sometimes.

Tomorrow's destination: Souvenir buying trip and Xinbeitou. :)

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