My Kitty loots from Taiwan!

As a Hello Kitty collector, I strongly agreed that Taiwan is a place that is so awesome for me to increase my collection!!!! :D As promised, I will share my Hello Kitty loots with you all! 

 Oversize shirt, from Hang Ten.

 Sequin dress with big Kitty face, from designer brand CHARM 26. 

 Pink shirt, from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport).

 Home wear shorts.

 Black scarf, from Sanrio (Tamshui) & black hand glove, Sanrio (Miramar).

 Hello Kitty sneakers with 3D faces and red ribbons.

 Black tights and Japanese style ankle socks.

Towel with Britain Jubilee design. (Sold to my dear Butterfly)

 Hand towel with die cut Kitty face.

 Big red ribbon hairband.

 Soft and fluffy plush. I call this Curly because of its special texture! Hehe.. :) 

 Pink pillow-like-plush. I call this Donut. Haha.

 Kitty with spec keychain.

 Limited edition plush, from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport).

 Leopard pink fur cosmetic bag.

 Eyelashes casing.

 Mascara, from 7-Eleven.

 Lip balm (Sold to Lily) and Shower gel.

 Coco Amour x Hello Kitty EDP, Taiwan limited edition bottle and fragrance, only 500 units! I got myself one and another one sold to Kathleen.

 Bath powders! So cute!!!

 Wrigley's EXTRA chewing gum in Kitty edition.

 Candies, from Hello Kitty Sweets.

 Chocolate in heart shape steel box.

 Sakura flavor mochi, from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport).

 Dark chocolates in cutie steel boxes, both from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport).

 Chocolate in steel boxes. The Kitty Daniel one sold to Lily. 

 Sweet dispenser.

 Poppipe love letter in 2 flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate, from 7-Eleven.

 3D shape ice/jelly mould.

 Kitchen utensils.

 Limited edition plastic cup with straw, from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport). 

 Car charger. The Kitty will have light on its cheek when charge the phone! So cute!!!

 USB charger for 2 USB cables at once. 

 Dehumidifier! One of the very special Kitty items I got from Taiwan! 

 Cutie toy car that I found in underground shops.

 Deco tape that can be used for scrap book or organizer.

 Boarding pass, from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport).

 Clothes hooker.

 Die cut mirror (Sold to Lily).

 Finally!!! Kitty luggage!!! Bought it with very reasonable price!!! 

 Redeemed this from 7-Eleven after collecting 24 points. I am so lucky to got this Princess one!!! Meant to be Princess I guess! :p LOL!

This was how my luggage looked like when I returned from Taiwan! I know, it's exaggerating!!! The whole bag was fill with Hello Kitty items! 

Which item you like the most? Share with me!! :)

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