Goodbye Taiwan

Today gonna leave Taiwan and go back to Malaysia already. I told Doraemon that I must eat JSP breakfast for one last time before I go.

My red tea and Doraemon's soy bean.

Doraemon's pork burger.

Radish cakes.

My pork chop in egg roll and hash brown.

Four luggage when we leave Taiwan. Spotted my new Kitty pink luggage? Cute not? Inside filled with all Hello Kitty stuffs!!! Will share with you all what Kitty loots I bought in coming post!

Reached Taoyuan Airport and swear I am so gonna take photo at here!! Eva Air check in kiosk area. Super cute!!!

I want these in my room!! Doraemon promised to do these for my room!!

The check in kiosk also very adorable!!

Kitty spell you 'Have a nice trip'!

Wrapping service for my lovely Kitty luggage to prevent it from scratching.

We reached a bit too early and went for lunch at the food court there.
My beef noodle.

Golden Sea said we must try the Taiwan mangoes because is very sweet. So Doraemon, the mango lover decided to buy a whole big mango. After cut became 2 plates. Imagine how big is the mango.

Doraemon's Japanese dish, with fried chicken and fried oyster.

Siu Long Bao. We were too full already because Taiwan food all come in very big portion. 

Nursing room and telephone booth in Hello Kitty design! So lovely!!!

Was running like hell because Sanrio gift gate located near C3, while my flight is near C7! Literally last 5 minutes shopping! =.="

Goodbye Taiwan, take care till we meet again!

Taiwan is such an awesome place that I will definitely visit again! The 7D6N trip was a fruitful one, not only the shopping loots, but also the people that I met, places that I visited, food that I have eaten, and whole new experiences that I gained! This trip has broaden my mind on how big the world is, how a country could be due to its country policies, and how country policies and cultures directly influence the behavior and thoughts of the people there.

Double thumbs up for Taiwan!

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