Belated birthday lunch & Garden girls gathering at S.Wine Publika

I always missing my college life with my Garden girls. After graduated, we have so less time for each others due to work. The last time I met with two of the Garden Girls - Big Flower and Bee was during Chinese New Year. On one beautiful Saturday, Butterfly has suggested a belated birthday lunch cum gathering at S.Wine Publika. 

 S.Wine Cafe is located inside B.I.G Supermarket, Publika. 

Very cute cross word and word search paper game to celebrate the Easter.

 I love the decoration!! Very simple yet able to bring out the cafe's concept. 

Pigs in a blanket, such a unique name for one the dishes. 

Rainbow In A Jar!!! Belated birthday cake from dear Butterfly! Thank you so much! Has been wanted to try out this rainbow cake! Love it!

 Complimentary bun and butter.

 Scallop-Bacon Bites. The combination of the scallop wrapped in bacon is very interesting, and it tastes yummy with the sauce that is a bit spicy. But I guess I was not good in cutting, the bacon separated with the scallop once I cut them. Or they are meant to separate? LOL. Not important anyway. The taste is good.

 Warm Pork Confit, Watermelon & Lychee Salad. Very fresh combination. I have never like salad if you know me well. Yes, I am a girl who don't eat salad. I only like cooked vegetables. Yes, you can call me Cina man. LOL. The pork is very soft and juicy, I like the fat so much! Hahaha! After eating the pork, eat the watermelon and lychee could actually refresh your taste buds again. Very much recommended!

 Pork & Beef Meatballs Pasta. I found that the meatballs taste more like beef. Butterfly said usually the meatballs has more pork than beef, but don't know why today is different. Well, I would said this is just average. I mean the meatballs are nice, but without the meatballs, this would be just a normal pasta bolognese.

 (L to R) Me, Bee & Butterfly. 

Zhu Ren love you all!! xoxoxo

 I was so attracted by this piggy at the entrance! Haha! And please pardon my ignorance, I just learned that swine mean pig! Thank you Butterfly's guidance, indeed a teacher's material! Hahaha! 

PrinCess of the Day:

Neon yellow top, Dawn Boutique in Taiwan. Black high-waisted shorts, Angel Dress. Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel. Hello Kitty sneakers with 3D Kitty face and red ribbon, Taiwan.

I had a wonderful time catching up with you girls! It's good to hear that you girls are doing great! Must keep in touch and looking forward to our next gathering soon! And hopefully next time we can have full attendance of 8 Garden girls!

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