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YAA SUI (pronounce in Cantonese - 呀水) means swag or hype. YAA SUI is used to describe someone who has individual fashion style and who is confidence and dare to dress up him or herself. Thanks to these people who have founded YAA SUI - Brandon Ong from YAA SUI, Edward Choo and Sun Khiew from LAH'LAH'Land , Peas Hon from CHALK , Maxx Chuo and Griffin Leong from InFluence and Bee Yin from Beeyinalicious ; now fashionistas who share the same interest has a platform to gather and interact!  YAA SUI IS NOT DEAD was a private party and invited by organizers only. Thank you Sun Khiew for invited me and allow me to bring along guests. #1 From left: Ba, Kesh, Jia Jia, me & Doraemon. Ba and Kesh are dragged by Jia Jia to join the party very last minute hence they have no preparation at all. Poor thing. LOL. While my Doraemon don't wanna dress up. Lazy bum bum. He said this is his individual style. FML. #2 Jia Jia with her more-than-30cm huge ribbon. Apparen

My Kitty loots from Taiwan!

As a Hello Kitty collector, I strongly agreed that Taiwan is a place that is so awesome for me to increase my collection!!!! :D As promised, I will share my Hello Kitty loots with you all!   #1  Oversize shirt, from Hang Ten. #2  Sequin dress with big Kitty face, from designer brand CHARM 26.  #3  Pink shirt, from Sanrio Gift Gate (Taoyuan Airport). #4  Home wear shorts.  #5  Black scarf, from Sanrio (Tamshui) & black hand glove, Sanrio (Miramar). #6  Hello Kitty sneakers with 3D faces and red ribbons. #7  Black tights and Japanese style ankle socks. #8 Towel with Britain Jubilee design. (Sold to my dear Butterfly) #9  Hand towel with die cut Kitty face.  #10  Big red ribbon hairband. #11  Soft and fluffy plush. I call this Curly because of its special texture! Hehe.. :)  #12  Pink pillow-like-plush. I call this Donut. Haha. #13    Kitty with spec keychain. #14  Limited