Tamshui Lovers Bridge is not falling down

Few days in city, today we will go to Tamshui, the famous old street, the pier, and also the 'Lovers Bridge'.
PrinCess of the Day:
Vintage top, Chalk. Black high waist shorts, Angel Dress. Hello Kitty sneakers, Vans. Black outerwear, ZARA Women. 

Was deciding whether to wear outerwear or not coz' the sun was brighter than previous days. But still, the weather is unexpected in Taiwan, so I still brought along my outerwear. 

 Today's breakfast was 10 pieces of dumplings! Very special square shape dumplings with the pork and cabbage filling. Yummy! 

Tamshui is a little bit far, which is the last station of the red line route. MRT took about 45 to 60 minutes to reach Tamshui from Ximending. 

 So many people visit to Tamshui today! Guess because is Sunday, the family day!

 Wah!!!! So beautiful scenery!!!

 Home for the boats....


 The street performer is very superb! The dog is not real one, hahaha! 

 Must eat at Tamshui - Super tall ice cream!!!! 

 Grilled squid.

 Golden Waterfront. 

Going to take the ferry to Lover's Bridge.


Fisherman pier. Haha. Direct translate! :p


See, the bridge!!

Take a photo at the Lover's Bridge, do you think our love will lasts eternity? I don't know. I will follow God's will. :)

Huge oyster imported from Canada! 

Wah!!! So huge!!!! 

Butter scallop. 

Even at Tamshui old street has Sanrio gift shop! Bought lovely Hello Kitty scarf here! 

We rented this cute pink hybrid scooter for an hour to stroll around Tamshui old street. It was fun but when too many pedestrians, I will rather walk than driving this scooter. 

Grilled scallop stall.

Two flavors - The 'Sui Bian' flavor and spicy flavor. 

After spending half day in Tamshui, we went to meet up with Golden Sea.

Such an intelligent way for bicycles storage!!! Golden Sea said this is designed by the students of University of Taiwan, brilliant!!!

Hehe... never thought we will visit to University of Taiwan huh!!! 

Wah, such a far distance to walk in to the building there!!

So coincidentally it was carnival at University of Taiwan to celebrate blooming of Rhododendron. So beautiful~~ 

After walked and lost for half an hour, finally we found the Little Wood House. But all waffles sold out!!!!  No choice but to leave and go to Gongguan Night Market.

So many many many bicycles~~~ A scene that you will never see in KL! My college was so many many many cars!!! :(


Dried oyster mee sua.

Such a long queue for the most famous Onion Biscuit in Gongguan Night Market!

Tasted so much yummy with the chilli sauce!!!

Hunt down another Sanrio gift shop!

You spot the super long queue? Yes, the fresh milk with caramel pearls, taste so so awesome!! I am so regret that I only bought one cup!!! 

After the Gongguan Night Market, we walked to Shida Night Market, which is a different type of night market.

I guess I was quite lucky during this Taiwan trip. Everything I like and passion about happened to have in that time. For example the Hello Kitty appearance on my birthday, and also this Art Bazaar!


Furthermore, I found two very unique boutiques that sell vintage style of fashion items!


Of course I got myself vintage clothes! Hehe... 

After a long day, we went back to Ximending for dinner while Golden Sea went back to his hostel. Thank you for today's tour! :)
While walked back to home stay to put down our shopping loots, we passed by the stall and have one bowl of this before we headed to Ximending for dinner.

Shark fin soup with meat. The meat is very soft and chewable, the shark fin soup became so much yummy than our Malaysian one.

Doraemon's dinner.

My spicy honey chicken.

Radish cakes. So different from Malaysian one too! This is very soft and smooth without the radish pieces. I still prefer with the radish pieces one. 

Finally my foot cannot bear anymore, have to go for foot massage to soothe the tiredness. But seriously, massage in Taiwan really expensive. And this one is cheapest among all massage centres I saw, but terrible skill. :(

Today is another fun and different experience for me. Never thought Tamshui could be such fun, and how night markets can be so much different in term of concepts and styles. Taiwan, I like you more and more each day.

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