Taiwan welcome me!!!

I've been wanted to travel to Taiwan ever since two, three years back. Doraemon always said yeah yeah, we are going this year. Repeat, repeat and repeat for years. =.=" Finally, this year I could travel to Taiwan for 7 real days!!  

 I only bring this big luggage, while Doraemon took a smaller one with a fold-able camping backpack in it. I was fully 'equipped' with jacket and sneakers to deal with Taiwan's weather and also walking mileages I will be having in the whole one week. I did my homework ya!!!

Doraemon happily holding his luggage and passport in his hands, and took a photo with the airplane. #likeasmallboy

Kinda good shot huh? I personally think so la.. Haha... The sky, the clouds and the airplane wings. 

 Well, talk about the flight meal. I remembered when we went to Hatyai last year, we didn't pre-book the meals and we ended up watching others eating. So this time, Doraemon was a little bit smarter and concerned about his meals during the flight as it was a four hours journey. So he ordered the Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak with Lipton Green Tea. 

 While I had my Vege Briyani with hot green tea.To be frank, the food taste quite okay.

 Can you see that can you see that ah??? The red thingy in the center of this photo!! Yeah you're right!! Taiwan's flag!!! That means we landed Taiwan already!!! Woohoo~~~ Don't know how to hide my excitement!!!

I told you, Taiwan welcome me!!! :D  I am officially admitted to Taiwan for the next 7 days!!!

Upon reaching the airport, we quickly got ourselves a prepaid mobile number. Of course with mobile data so that I could check in Facebook  use Google map for navigation or search for the information. Most importantly, can keep in touch with friends in Taiwan.

 And you thought Toyota Wish is so precious in Malaysia? Sorry lo... Taiwan used Toyota Wish as taxi only ah... You can also see the latest Toyota Camry 'disguise' as taxi on the road. Most importantly, the cars are cheap here in Taiwan, compare to Malaysia. Thank you for our high taxation on import items.

We took a taxi to our home stay at Ximending. The 50 minutes journey costs about RM115. My friends told me I could actually take the train or bus or whatsoever that is so much cheaper. But I was thinking since we just landed and not familiar yet, we better take a taxi, plus we could have sightseeing of Taiwan along the way. Not a best deal, but worth to invest. :)
 Our room over the whole trip!! Very cozy and comfortable! Some friends were asking where do I stay when I travel to Taiwan. Here you go, DreamHome website: http://dhome.dreampro.tw/index.html
Their room is very affordable and the location is very convenient. You have 7-11 opposite DreamHome; by one turn and all the way go straight for 5 minutes, you will see Ximending MRT station. Very much recommended!

After settled down everything in our room, immediately we went out to explore our first destination - Ximending!!!  

 On the way walking to Ximending, I saw Hello Kitties~~~

 Reaching Ximending, waiting for the pedestrians green light.

 The Exit no. 6 of Ximending MRT Station. Very convenient. 

Without any hesitation, we went to hunt for our first target.

Here we are - Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodle! Look at the crowd that are willing to stand on the street and eat, i bet it really taste awesome! Belum try belum tau, let's go queue for it too!!

Doraemon and I bought a large one and share.

The rice noodle is very soft, while the pig intestine is very palatable. 

 No chopsticks, only spoon is given so that you can enjoy the combination of soup and the rice noodle to the max!!!

The day look of Ximending. Always saw in TV, and finally I was here, personally!!!!! 

I was thinking to have my tattoo done in Taiwan (as my friend reminded me there are many tattoo services shop there). Yes, I found a Ximending Tattoo Street, but I didn't go for it as I know after tattoo, there might be some restrictions on eating style, eg: Seafood cannot be taken. And...and... it's impossible I come all the way to Taiwan and you ask me to not eating good food!!!  No Way!

This is the Ah Mao Risotto restaurant. The ambassador Ah Mao was lie on its stomach at the entrance. How I know this is Ah Mao? Coz' I saw someone passed by and called it Ah Mao Ah Mao. So I am sure he/she is Ah Mao. LOL. 

Ah Mao Risotto has 2 outlets within Ximending area. The other one got no ambassador there, but the signboard is very attractive. Here's a short clip for you.

The ears so cute right? Fly up and down! The shop closes around 10.30 pm yet sometime Ah Mao's ears still fly up and down. Then I will told Doraemon, "the Ah Mao very pity hor, so late liao still working there... " LOL.

Bake eggs. I found the outer layer too hard to chew. 

Hokkaido strawberry cake in Hello Kitty packaging!!! Only took one photo as the 7-11 staff don't allow me to snap further. :(

Besides usual sausage, they have this sausage wrapped in glutinous rice. 

I haven't try this but just simply take photo. Kinda like roti canai in Malaysia here. 

More Hello Kittysss~~~ 7-11 Malaysia, Y U NO DO BUSINESS LIKE TAIWAN???

We always say Malaysian bring in Taiwanese snack and food to be selling, especially in night market. And I found Taiwanese bring in Malaysia teh tarik o!!

Look at his style of tarik the tea!!! So bergaya huh!!! You can hear my conversation with him, oh yeah, Malaysian seriously do not really tarik like this ma right?

The very friendly guy in the video clip even took down their shop huge 'drink packaging' for me to take photo with. I was holding my tea, can you see the difference in term of size? Packaging is exactly the same! 


After shopped around in Ximending, my primary school friend Golden Sea went to meet me and brought us to dinner.

Among all food that he listed down, I have chosen this.

The Beef Noodle. This is small one, but the portion so scary! Can't even finish this! Should have share with Doraemon too! 

Darling~~ I spotted your shop here le!! Hahaha! You want me to miss you whenever I go huh? I will la! But hor, got bad news for you. My Doaremon gave away all 太阳饼!! So sorry darling~~~  Will compensate you with a meal k! Love ya!

The first day of landed Taiwan was an exciting one. The people, the food, the culture made me wanna explore more on this friendly island.

Next day destination: Taipei Zoo and Jay Chou & friends' restaurant.

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  1. Very interesting blog ^^

    1. Thank you very much! Hope to see you again in my blog! Remember to leave me your name next time! :D

  2. Hurley: Ahhh~~~my 太阳饼~太阳饼~太阳饼~太阳饼~~~~...nvm lah...wish to see u soon yah~~ i miss west malaysia..i miss to chit chat with u...wait me back yah~~

    1. So sorry darling~~~ I miss you too!!! faster come back ya!!! :) xoxo

  3. so good can keep travel~

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

    1. Hi Mr.Lonely, I didn't keep travel la…haha…have been planning for quite some time and save up money …

      I've read your blog. Your English is okay what, not Malaylish la! Hehe…

      Thx for read my blog! Hope to see you drop by again!

  4. 哈 我只是看圖而已 XDD

    1. 看图的话就跟看面子书没两样啊!文字都是故事耶!!


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