Taipei Zoo & Jay Chou's Deja Vu Restaurant

Second day morning, the weather was very chilling and we walked to the balcony of our home stay.

 The street was so quiet, still. By the way, Taiwan's sun rise very early, about 6am is already as bright as 8am.

PrinCess of the Day:
Grey long cotton dress, Cache Cache. Furry outerwear, Zara. Hello Kitty sneakers, Vans. Hello Kitty Diana Mini, Photo Crafts.
Hopefully this outfit could warm me up a little on this chilling cold day.

I am definitely breakfast type of person (if I am able to wake up at the timing of breakfast). Once I woke up and get ready, I have to have my breakfast else I will feel nothing's right. On this morning, I have chosen to turn left once I got down from my home stay. And we managed to find this breakfast stall with a pedestrian's instruction.  

Very small and interesting breakfast stall. 

 Mei & Mei milk tea. I can taste the milk only, but not tea. So much different from our Malaysian milk tea.

My breakfast set 3: Sausages, egg and lemon fillet.
Loving this lemon fillet! Taste refreshing! 

As I mentioned in my previous post, today's destination is Taipei Zoo. Doraemon has been wondering why I wanna visit zoo because he thinks every zoo is the same. =.=" But I insisted.

Woohoo~ Taipei Zoo, here I come!!! 

Mini horse, too bad all facing me with their ass backside. :(

Koala bears!!! So adorable when they chew the leaves!!! First time I saw koala bears!!!  

Then it started to rain where I was trapped in the koala bears' place and couldn't move to anywhere unless the rain stops.  After the rain not so heavily, we quickly ran to shop to see whether they sell any umbrella. And I saw this:

Panda hat. My head looked like I was hurt badly and being wrapped with bandage (but with ears and eyes on top!). =.=" 

Okay, apparently the moo moo one looked so much better. Haha. 

We bought an umbrella and continued our zoo adventure. A very cute car sent us to another part of the zoo.

In fact, I just meant to visit the Penguin House. Sorry for other animals, I don't really fancy you all.

See all the Penguins! When they stand still, they seriously look like a fake one! There's a very funny aunt, her niece asked her whether the penguins are fake one. So she answered, "neh, that one moving one is the real one, the rest no moving one is fake one".  LOL. Aunt, all are real la... Poor niece, kena conned. 

This is the cute cute tutu train car that fetched us back and forth.

The so called Art of Poo Poo (shit). So colorful shit. If only we could take our daily shits in work place as colorful one and shine with them! 

Due to the unstoppable rain, thou not heavily, we decided to leave the zoo. So sad I didn't see the panda.  
Very artistic design at the MRT station, but can't recall which station already. The smiley heart will dim and light on. 

Since the initial plan was disrupted by the rain, we randomly chosen Zhongxiao Fuxing as our next destination. 

We walked around the area and found this small restaurant - 山东烧鸡.

Cabbage dumpling. Instead of fried, they water cooked the dumplings. Taste good with chilli oil.

Doraemon's 大卢面. Noodle with seafood and clear soup. Very scrumptious ingredients.

My spicy fried mee. I quite enjoyed this noodle, spicy and fragrance; the pork was very soft and easy to chew. 

After walk around at Zhongxiao Fuxing area, we went to Zhongxiao Xisheng MRT station to meet with Golden Sea.

Crazy crowd at Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station!!! @_@

Before I came to Taiwan, me & Golden Sea already discussed on where to dinner for our birthday celebration. Yes, we are born on the same day, same month and same year. Haha. After talked about 2 years, finally this year I fulfilled my promises to celebrate with him in Taiwan!

Deja Vu, a restaurant owned by Jay Chou and friends, located near 华山1914文创园区. 

I guess this is Jay Chou's motorbike. It was displayed near the entrance. Very bergaya stylish.

The reception counter. The interior design is filled with mystery yet antique. 

This is a Music + Magic themed restaurant. You can enjoy live music here. And of course,

 Live magic!! And we were lucky as Friday is the only day that has Big Magic Show on stage.

Okay, the interior was awesome. The live music was pleasant to hear. The magic was okay, average. Then what about the food? Let's see together! 

Golden Sea's Mixed Fruit Flavor Tea.  He found the taste too complicated.

My Citrus Fruit Pericarp Scented Tea. I found it too sour, but Golden Sea prefer this compare to his own drink. 

Doraemon's French Milk Tea. Very smooth and taste good.

Our appetizer - Spice Cuttlefish, very soft and easy to chew.

Bread and butter.

Each of us ordered one main course and share among us.

Baby ordered Veal Escalope with Celery Cream Sauce. The beef is cooked to a level of medium well done, so the beef is very tender. I give .

I ordered Pan Fried Sea Bass with Basil. I really love this combination of the sea bass with the sauce. I give .

Golden Sea ordered Spaghetti Mentaiko. At first it tasted good, but I felt greasy after that. So I give

Doraemon also ordered Pizza Con Pepperoni.  According to my primary school friend cum pizza expert, hahaha, he said the pizza is not a pretty and successful one. I also find that the pizza crust is too hard to eat. I give .

Let's snap a group photo!

The birthday boy and girl were both in grey color attire! So coincidence huh!! 

Doraemon and me. 

And one of the most exciting highlight of Deja Vu is.......

*Drum rolls*

Jay Chou's batman car!!! So macho right??! Even stylish than the motorbike just now!!!

I wanna be a queen. #sitlikeaboss

Snap one photo at the entrance! I am a lucky woman surrounded by two men!

Complimentary cakes by Deja Vu for customers who visited them on birthday month. Happy birthday to both of us!!!

I have a pleasant day pre-celebrating my birthday!

Stay tune for next post as I have visited to Hello Kitty Sweets and also attended Hello Kitty relaunch event in Sogo!

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