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Ippudo Malaysia has opened in Pavilion and I've been seeing people posting photos and check-ins when I browsed through Facebook. Hence, I decided to try out on my own.

@_@, Fainted!!! Do expect such long queue when you visit to Ippudo!! Make sure you are not very hungry else I suggest you to have light meal before visit to there. The receptionist will come up to you and jot down your name and number of pax.

 This is a non-halal restaurant, targeted to non-muslims.


Hot green tea in a pot.

Doraemon and me camwhore while waiting for our dishes to be serve.

Shrimps with spicy sauce. The shrimps are fried but minimally to maintain its softness. The sauce is kinda like mayonnaise mix with spicy chilli or herbs. This is pretty much recommended and I would say this is a MUST TRY at Ippudo.

Doraemon's ramen.He enjoyed very much. :)

My spicy ramen. Indeed a spicy one coz' usually Japanese spicy ramen don't taste spicy at all and I have to put in chilli flakes. This one is just spicy enough and I love it!

Loving the eggs!!!! 

The sesame container is very cute right? Hehe... It makes you feel like trying out the sesame because you got to play with this container. :p 

The cooking area has one row of seats.

Part of the seating area.

As far as i know, there are three ramen restaurants in Pavilion. I think Ippudo is the best among all three (not to offend others). Don't be scare off because of the long queue. They are quite efficient and you will be seated very soon.

In Ippudo, you sorta allow to customize your ramen because you got to choose the softness of your ramen that best suit your taste, eg: Children and senior citizen enjoy softer ramen.

Regarding the price, I think is affordable, just like other ramen restaurant you could find in Pavilion. The service was okay too.

I can understand why is it such long queue everyday!!! Worth to try it out!!  

Cheers & Love always,   


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