Human Day (人日) with Garden Girls + Hello Kitty Loots

Human Day (renri) was the day human beings were created. So it was everyone's birthday!!! On this special day, I have very special date too!

PrinCess of the Day:
Vintage blouse, Chalk. High waist denim short, Modo. Belt, Sungai Wang. Flats, Coloris from Valentino Creation. Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel.

If only I can be real life vintage doll...   

Sea horse ring, Olio Folio. Red Hello Kitty ribbon hairband, Sanrio Parkson.

Alice (Clover) has suggested to have gathering at Cocotei. But she couldn't make it because she was having diarrhea and vomiting. So only Zi Yen (Bee), Jia Min (Big Flower) and me made it to the gathering, while the rest of the 4 girls are occupied with their own functions.

 Edamame in cute basket.

My three colors noodle, including Zaru Soba, Cha Soba and white color noodle (don't know what this called but taste really good).

Bee's Cha Soba. 

Big Flower's sushi. 

Bee, me & Big Flower.

I had a really great time with 2 of you girls! It was a happy afternoon with all chit chats, gossips, boyfriends, and career. Looking forward to another gathering soon!! All the best to you girls! Take care!


Doraemon fetched me and we went to have a quick shopping at KLCC.

Here's my shopping loots! Hello Kitty carpet, Hello Kitty eraser (very small on my left hand! :p) and Vans Hello Kitty edition sneakers. 

Cute not? (I mean me! :p) 

Loving the red ribbon at the front of the sneakers! Not cheap thou! RM299.00. Here goes my Chinese New Year angpao money! But happily spending this money!

I was dressing up for the dinner with Doraemon's family at Grand Imperial Restaurant at Subang. Another vintage dress for the lovely vintage Human Day. 

Lou Sang.

Poon Choi.

Here's some ingredients from Poon Choi that I had.

After the dinner, we went to Doraemon's aunt's house for the adults to play cards. Haha. Chinese New Year must-do traditions.

The Human Day was a long long day for me, tiring but satisfying.

Cheers & Love always,


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