Eat & Shop on Last Day of Chinese New Year

PrinCess of the Day:
Aztec printed sleeveless blouse, Banana Creation. High waist denim short, Modo. Flats, Coloris by Valentino Creation. Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel. Hello Kitty pink make up pouch, H&M Germany

Multiple bracelets, Sungai Wang. My after-Chinese-New-Year-effect cure - throat spray.

This year Chinese New Year was a great one. Both first day and last day of Chinese New Year fell on Sunday, where we could started well and ended well. All well ends well! :D

On this last day, me & Doaremon went to KLCC for brunch and window shopping (as if I will window shopping without buying anything!!) :p

Hello Kitty Sparkling Juice in 2 flavors, Peach & Cherry flavors!! So cute and affordable! Only RM15.99 so I bought 4, each flavor 2 bottles! 

After shopped for groceries (for about an hour!!), then only we went for brunch at Madam Kwan's Malaysian Cuisine. 
Doraemon's curry laksa. 

Doremon's fried dumpling. 

My nasi bojari, comes with fried chicken, sambal sotong (squid) and rendang beef.

Kangkung belacan.

Truly Malaysian Cuisine teh tarik!

Remembered I told you it is difficult for me to really window shopping? And yeah, I got myself something on this Chap Goh Mei. 

Guerlain Noir Refillable mascara!!! 

The whole outlook of the mascara.

When I opened, tada!!! Built-in mirror within the mascara!!! 

The mascara brush is very soft and easy to apply. It works perfectly great in lengthen and strengthen our eyelashes. It's not cheap thou. RM169!!! :0 first time bought such expensive mascara!! 

Usually shopping took away my energy very fast. Hence, we went for tea time.
Curry fishballs. Quite yummy and most importantly, spicy enough. :)

Doraemon's mango with sago in bowl.

My creme brulee. I expect it to taste better. 

Double-boiled Snow Pear with Dried Citrus Peel. This is really yummy and I love it! 

See how big is the Snow Pear!! Hahaha!

Last day of Chinese New Year was a fruitful one; on the same time, my wallet got a big hole. LOL! But you know, girls ma.. As long as we earn our own money, I see no reason not to buy something that can give us pleasure! Go go Girls Power! :p

Cheers & Love always,


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