Birthday girl with Hello Kitty in Taipei

March 16th, there was an ugly duckling born in Muar, a small town (now city already) in Johor. Living in Muar for 14 years before she shifted to Kuala Lumpur and started her new life. At the age of 17, she fallen in love with Kitty White and started her journey as a Hello Kitty collector. Ever since then, they have an unbreakable relationship.

Okay, just a whole crap about me, the ugly duckling and my Kitty addict. Simply crap. =.="

PrinCess of the BIG DAY:
Monotone dress, H&M. Black outerwear, ZARA Women. Thighs, Uniqlo. Hello Kitty Sneakers, Vans. Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel. 

Hi tiny polka dots, we can make friend with red ribbon, don't we?

Remember yesterday I turned to left once I got down from my home stay to have breakfast? This morning, I choose to turn right instead.

And turn right was a good choice - 呷尚宝JSP breakfast stall.

Doraemon's milk tea and my red tea.

Doraemon's set - Nuggets, sausages and hash brown.

My pork chop in egg crepe and hash brown. I tell you what, the combination of pork chop and egg crepe, plus the sauce, oishii~~~~

Extra order - Pork burger! Very crunchy yet soft inside bun with thin pork patty, egg and vegetables, thumbs up too!

Since today is my big day, of course I have a big plan for myself! Yesterday came to Zhongxiao Fuxing, today too!


Evidence that I went there! LOL!

I am too small to be seen!! :p

 While waiting for my big plan, we went to shopped at Sogo departmental store. Super Japanese style, with all those high pitch greetings and 90 degree bow, I swear I was too shocked for that! Every floors has staffs greeted you like that, VIP feel? Imagine it has 9 floors. =.=" 

Anyway, are you excited to see my big plan?? 

Here I reveal to you ya~~~

Deng deng deng deng!!! 

Hello Kitty Sweets!!!!  

 The interior design!!!! Loving the cushion Kitty-fied sofas!!!!

I was arranged to first floor instead. 

First floor design is more cincai (arbitrary), I would say.

Except this one, like a VIP lounge for at least 8 people. 

Portraits of Hello Kitty (on top of my head!) at the very restricted corner, where they put all the extra chairs at here, like a 'store'?!

 The table mat is Kitty-fied. But not the cutlery. 

Tissue is Kitty-fied too.

Doaremon ordered a set lunch while I ordered cakes as I was still full from my breakfast.

Doraemon's mushroom soup. The taste of milk is so much so that it overshadowed the taste of mushroom. 

Salad with thousand island sauce. As usual, salad is not my type. I didn't eat this. 

Baked bun with a very blurry kitty face on it. Yeah, you are searching it right, the black black thingy on the bun, yes, is Hello Kitty face. =.="

Doraemon's orange juice.

My crepe cake!


My hot chocolate.

Tried very hard to keep kitty face on top of the foam, hence sipped my drink very carefully!

After I almost finish my crepe cake, then the appetizer was served.

 Two slices of salmon. =.="

Here's where the drama starts, not literally drama la, just some scenarios. Before I start, I need to tell you about the dining period in Hello Kitty Sweets. Every tables has only one and half hours to dine in and have to clear your bill and leave. For example, my appointment was on 11.30, so I have until 1pm to leave there. 

So, here goes the scenario. 
One table with two ladies had already finished their soup, salad and appetizer for long time, yet the main dishes are not serve. One of them was pretty annoyed and called for the waitress. Then, the other table seated a grandma, mama, and daughter. They all had their dishes, but the grandma's drink was not serve yet even she finished her main course. Furthermore, the waitress didn't serve her granddaughter's birthday cake.

Here's when Doraemon's main dishes was served after waited for more than 30 minutes.

Kitty-fied bread, very big head!!!

Pork chop curry in Kitty-fied bread.

See the face so big!!!! I mean Kitty bread!!

Okay, once Doraemon's main dishes served on the table, another waitress came and pass us the bill and told us our dining time is until 1pm. I looked at her amaze and told her the main dishes was just served, and she expected me to finish in 15 minutes?! Whereby I still have desserts! Then the girl said, "oh, your dining time is from 12pm is it? then you have until 1.30pm." Then she walked away. And I was like, "what the hell? "

On the same time, another waitress went up and said the same thing to the Grandma's family. The Grandma asked her, "I haven't finish my meal and you all are chasing me out? I haven't get my drink, and my granddaughter haven't get her birthday cake." The waitress just blank for a while and walked away to check. The grandma was so dissatisfied with the service.

I was so annoyed with the service and attitude already. And I just wanna make a move faster once I finish my meal. 

Dessert is pudding.

I am cutting you, Kitty!!!

Before I leave, went to their washroom. Pink queen sofa and Kitty on the mirror. 

Cashier for dine in.

Whole loads of Kitty desserts. 



The box for Swiss Roll cakes take away.

After the unpleasant lunch, I went to Sogo again. What's going on there?

Holding my coupon!

Yes, Sanrio corner relaunch after renovation!!! Hello Kitty is coming to meet all her fans, on my birthday!!!

Redeem my number with the coupon, I am number 12!!! 

Met this super huge Kitty fans! She came with all sorts of props!!! I am amazed with her braveness and also the support from her husband!! *thumbs up*

And here you go, my lovely Kitty to take picture with me, the birthday girl!! Hehe...

My instant Polaroid photo!!! Thank you Sanrio, Sogo!

After the Kitty session in the birthday morning, we went to Taipei 101 there to meet with another primary school friend of mine, Crescent.

So near yet so far, Taipei 101. 

Lunch again at Sanji.

Introduce to you, my primary school friend - Crescent!!! Thank you so much for making to meet me on my birthday, and also the very special birthday gift - Limited Edition Hello Kitty Rose Lychee Wine with wine glass!! Love it so much!!!

Ramen, quite good but the pork is too thick and too difficult to chew.

Taipei 101 entrance. 

Taipei 101 icon. Crescent was so nice and kept asked us to go take photo. Haha. 

This is how a trademark of a country should look like. Sorry to say, but our local one, definitely not up to par, if compare with this.

Yes, we LOVE Taiwan!!!

I LOVE Taiwan too too~~~~ 

The street performer tried to sayang me when I gave money to him. I was so so scare because of his look and outfit. LOL. But seriously, he really looked like a real leopard!! Not the outfit, but all his movements!!! 


Taipei 101 showed us another side of it in the evening. So beautiful. And Dior is so rich to put advertisement on the tower!! LOL.

Ferris wheel, here I come!


Yo, I brighten your photo jor!! Now can see your handsome face liao!! :) 

After the Ferris Wheel, we asked Crescent to bring us to Shilin Night Market. Very kind of him, he brought us there.

Now all the food stalls were arrange under the B1 Food Court, no longer those night market styles on the street. 


 Boneless chicken roll with many flavors, we got the original, spicy and lemon.

Oyster egg. To be frank, I still prefer my hometown one. LOL. This is why Crsecent kept telling us, do not compare with our hometown one, and do not think they are the same thing, else you will never like the Taiwan style oyster egg. 

Fried stink tofu. Yes, you read it right, STINK. Haha. Also prefer KL one. :p 

Braised meat rice. They have used those Japanese rice, more sticky and very nice.

I like this!!! Clams soup!!! The soup is very natural sweet with the freshness of clams. 

I didn't know is Spinach. =.=" I don't like spinach. But I still finished up this because too many days I didn't eat vegetables. Haha.

Hahahahaha! Finally I found this!!! Kinda like sponge cake, but in penis shape. 

My chocolate flavor sponge cake penis!! So soft and there are white cream within the sponge cake.  LOL! Sound so wrong!!! Anyway, seriously, quite yummy. :p

And so, my birthday was a real fun one! Didn't expect there will be a Hello Kitty appearance in Sogo on my birthday, so coincidentally, out of so many days, but on my birthday!!! Besides that, also appreciated my one-day-tour-guide, Crescent for making all the way from Taoyuan to meet me and passed me the birthday gift!


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