Belated Valentine

I was back to this urban from my lovely hometown on Valentine's day morning while Doraemon also came back from Penang in the evening. Basically Valentine's day was spent with my family and relatives by visiting each others' houses and dinner together.

 My temporary boyfriend.

 Haha! No la, he is my younger brother and my elder sister.

On second day, me and Doraemon went to have a feast to kinda celebrate the belated Valentine's day at Bulgogi Brothers, Pavilion. 

Korean food always have many side dishes, the must have Kimchi!!

The lotus has a sweet flavor and is crispy when you bite on them.

Apart from other Korean BBQ restaurant, Bulgogi Brothers serves tea in a thermos so you could refill on your own. Very convenient for me, who drink tea so fast that the waiters will get tired of me keep on calling them to refill.  

Soup of the day. At first I thought is pumpkin soup, but it taste like sweet potato, very rich and smooth to swallow. 

Haemul Pajeon - Seafood pancake with a special sauce. The sauce is a bit spicy and taste perfectly with the pancake. But somehow i found the pancake a bit too soft and it break into pieces when I took with chopsticks.

Steamed edamame, corns and sweet potato. 
Korean BBQ restaurant definitely cannot eat without the BBQ right?? The waiter put onions, white mushrooms, sweet potatoes and garlic to heat up the grill pan.

While waiting for our main course to be serve, we had this Janchi Guksu, which is known as the 'party noodles' in Korea, served with seafood broth and vegetables.

*Drums roll.......*

Let me introduce the main course....

Deng deng deng deng~~~~ (okay, don't hate me, reveal now la!)

Unyangsik Bulgogi, the unique heart shaped beef that is perfect for this festive season!!! *love is in the air*    
But it turned out to be round shape after cooked.

Anyway, the food in Bulgogi Brothers are delicious, definitely worth to try out!! Some more the price is affordable, despite its location and type of cuisine. *thumbs up*

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