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Birthday girl with Hello Kitty in Taipei

March 16th , there was an ugly duckling born in Muar, a small town (now city already) in Johor. Living in Muar for 14 years before she shifted to Kuala Lumpur and started her new life. At the age of 17, she fallen in love with Kitty White and started her journey as a Hello Kitty collector. Ever since then, they have an unbreakable relationship. Okay, just a whole crap about me, the ugly duckling and my Kitty addict. Simply crap. =.=" PrinCess of the BIG DAY: Monotone dress, H&M . Black outerwear, ZARA Women . Thighs, Uniqlo . Hello Kitty Sneakers, Vans . Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel.   Hi tiny polka dots, we can make friend with red ribbon, don't we? Remember yesterday I turned to left once I got down from my home stay to have breakfast? This morning, I choose to turn right instead. And turn right was a good choice - 呷尚宝JSP breakfast stall. #1 Doraemon's milk tea and my red tea. #2 Doraemon's set - Nuggets, sausages and