[ADV] Would you be my Valentime?

February, a month with love and hearts that could melt you away. Everyone is busy to select gift, book a restaurant and dress up for the special occasion. But wait, what if you are single and not attach to anyone yet? :'( NO no. Do not be sad. Here's your opportunity to be different and the happiest single this year!! ^_^


What is Be My Valentime? This is a Speed Dating event brought to you by Maju Junction Mall. But why is Valentime instead of Valentine? Valentime mean Valentine + Time because all encounters in speed dating are timed. What a creative tagline!!

"Aiya, speed dating is so outdated la!" 
"I don't want la, so shy la!" 
"Eyer, don't know what people will be there lo, good or bad also not sure!"

Stop the worries! Being a very proper event, Maju Junction Mall try to make sure every participants are potential and qualify with the below requirements:

1. Must be 25 to 35 years old on event day 
2. Single
3. Minimum SPM or equivalent
4. Speak English
5. Must have a valid Facebook account
*This is not a bias or prejudice, but to minimize the gap between the participants.

Now you feel interested to join, but how? You can register at www.majujunction.com by filling up the form. 

 Aww~~ See the lovey dovey birdy~~~ So sweet ♥

Okay, submit the form and eligible participants will receive an e-invite on 18th February 2013. Remember to check your email ya after you submitted your application!

40 participants will be recruited for this Speed Dating event. By participating, each will receive goodies bag with Redken products, Maju Junction limited edition souvenir, and RM20 cash voucher, total worth RM50.00 each!!

Besides being able to meet new friends (or potential partner!!), the final 6 couples stand a chance to receive RM250 cash voucher, a make-up and hair styling make over from Derrick & Team Hairdressing and The Body Shop, and paid dinner with other couples, worth RM450.00 each!!!

Overwhelming with the prizes??? Yes, here's the details of Be My Valentime:

Date: 23rd February 2013 (1 day before Chap Goh Meh - Chinese Valentine's Day, make this event more meaningful huh!!!)
Time: 12.00pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Maju Junction Mall

  The online registration is open from 1st February till 17th February 2013. Hurry up and register now before is too late!!!Remember to sign up at http://www.majujunction.com/?page_id=2740 or Maju Junction Facebook at www.facebook.com/majujunctionmall.

Cheers & Love always,


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