Beaming with Joy

I always awaiting Chor 3 because I wanted to catch up with my primary school friends and teacher so so much!

PrinCess of the Day:
 Colorful pastel bustier dress, room8008. Black wedges, Charles & Keith. Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel

Loving the design of the back! Do you love it too?  

Make up: Put on false eyelashes that sis bought from Taiwan. Focus on eyes so very light pink lips. 

As previous years, we have lunch and tea session at Heidi Rest Cafe (小歇) before visiting to teacher's house. But something different this time, we have Mr. Chua (primary school's discipline teacher) to join us in Heidi Rest Cafe! 

 Me & Florence. Finally you gained some weight after 24 years! LOL! :p But you was too skinny back then, i think you looking great now! :)

Group photo of the attendees!!! 5 girls and 5 boys plus 1 teacher! I was asked to be seated due to my height and 4 inches of wedges. I kinda look like class monitor here. Hahaha~ 

After lunch, we shifted our butts to Mr.Chua's house to visit his wife, Ms.Chang who is our primary teacher too.

 Vonney & me. She is so so much different from primary school. She used to be very quiet and shy girl, and low profile too. Now she is so Japanese look and trendy after stayed in Japan for 5 years. Even my sis thinks she is so pretty!! :) 

 Vonney, me & Ginny. Ginny is another one who changed a lot and become prettier each year I saw her! :)

 Vonney, me, Ginny & Nicole. Nicole is my primary and secondary school friends. And we will definitely catch up with each other almost everyday during Chinese New Year when I was in Muar.

 Well, time for boys photo too! Notice that all of them were in spec right? Haha! Guys are meant to have poorer eyesight than girls! Oops!! :p 

 Limited edition homemade pan mee by Ms. Chang!! Why is it limited? Because Ms.Chang only prepared 1 for me, and 1 for her husband! Hehe... and the rest just looked at me when I was eating! Such a blessing!

 A group photo with Mr.Chua and Ms.Chang plus another guy friend that just came to join us. 

Zoe, Mr.Chua's daughter. I heard from Mr.Chua that Zoe made me her idol!! And every years she just wanted to take photo with me! Aww~~~ Another blessing of the day!!! 

It was always a happy day for me on Chor 3 because of the primary school gathering. Thou we might only see each other once a year, but we always have endless topics to talk. (We have Boy Girl Relationship talk this round by Wee Chian, LOL!) Besides that, I have always be treated so nice by my teachers with special food each year. Thank you very much! Looking forward to next year's gathering! 

The long afternoon session did not stop me from more. At night, Nicole & me visited to Quan Fa's house.

 Nicole & me.

I was on the phone while Nicole snapped a photo of us. She is really expert in taking these candid shots. Haha! Always have the best angle and funny moments!

On that night, I have also learned how to play mahjong! 

#12 much fun and is really good to work out your brain to avoid Alzheimer's Disease. :p And I won RM8, hahahahaha! Small money but huge contentment!!

Chor 3 was a long day from 12pm to 3am, but definitely worthy to sacrificed my sleep!

Love & Cheer always,


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