Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers Lou Sang Dinner

By reading the title of this post, you can expect whole bunch of pretty girls Lou Sang together. Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers has been famous with its pretty girls, most importantly, pretty girls with brains. Hello, we are not bimbo k!

  Very beautiful scenery outside the restaurant that we are going to dine in.

 Deng deng!!! Nice mou?? Like step into those China dynasty le!!! Can't wait to see the interior!

 Haha! The male washroom signage.

Obviously, the female washroom signage.

Proudly present MHB in Beijing.........banquet room!!! Haha! :) 

 I was in ang ang (red red) to celebrate our exclusive MHB Lou Sang dinner. 

 (L to R) Chloe, me, Kate & Jane. 

Cheers!!!! ^_^

 Appetizer and white wine. Appetizer is salmon flakes wrapped in fried wantan skin. Sorry to say, but this is super oily. :(

 Me & Kate, both of us are from Muar! So now you know Muar produce pretties huh? LOL! XD

 Grilled Cod Fish topped with onion rings with slight wasabi sauce. This fish is very soft and yummy. :) 

 Two Cold Combination - Dried oyster and two sliced abalones on top of cucumber with cherry tomatoes.I personally liked the dried oyster and eventually finished up Chloe's as well. Hahaha!

 Five 38 ladies in a row: (L to R) Chloe, me, Kate, Jane & Karen. 

 Dimsum Combination of fish ball, xiu long bao and siu mai. Don't ask me the English name, I don't know. T___T Out of all three, I like fishball the most because it was so bouncy and fresh! 

 All girls ready for Lou Sang. 

 See our Dai Ka Jek - Sarah gave instructions!

 Lou ah~~ We want more money!! We want prettier!!! We want slimmer!!!! Amen!!!! 

According to the waitress, this is the signature dish of Royal Flush - Grilled Pork Rib. The pork rib is tender but too sweet for me la.. 

Asparagus topped with bonito flakes.I found it rather bitter but definitely not Tim Chew because he cleared his plate!!

Grilled Scallop Bacon with ginkgo. I know ginkgo is good for skin. But it is not so auspicious for Chinese, especially businessman. Ginkgo in Cantonese is 'bak guo', when you eat ginkgo is 'sik bak guo' which means efforts that have yielded no returns, payoff, or reward. But many of us here were not traditional types so we happily enjoyed it.

 Abalone Fried Rice, served with abalone and bacon bits. And here goes the abalone story!!

So many abalones!!! Jane's, Kate's, mine, and Chloe's abalone!!! Karen's abalone was gone!!! :p Hahahaha! All ham sap girls!!! :p

Dessert is Double Boiled Bird's Nest. Everyone loves it because it is known as the beauty care tonic!! 

Crystal Peanut Dumpling. Didn't eat this because I had a sore throat and coughing. 

Group photo of all the attended MHB's members with our boss, Tim Chew (sitting from the left, in red shirt), and also courtesy of Ernest, Bruce & Colin for hosting us a dinner here! :) Look at the sky color! Perfect photo!!! <3

 Botaks in action!! Haha! Andy, our in-house photographer has the same hairstyle with Ernest, Bruce & Colin!! 

A funny one where every girls tried to touch the botak!!! 

So many pretty legs in this photo!! 

 Lovely nights with the ladies!! Awesome photos credit to Andy Kho.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my MHB babes!!! Thanks for being nice and friendly! And of course, humorous!!! You know that, our laughter can burst your eardrums!! Hahahaha!! I <3 you all!!

The 9 courses dinner cost RM1200 nett for 10 pax. If you are looking for Chinese New Year reunion dinner, feel free to visit Royal Flush at Central Piazza, Oasis Square Ara Damansara, No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Inquiry please call 012-299 7598 or visit their Facebook at:

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